You work at the Small Business Resource Center (SBRC).  For our readers who aren’t familiar with the SBRC, can you tell them what goes on there?

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Anyone who works with teenagers, or has one of their own, knows teenagers are vastly different and have significant needs. According to the Barna Research Group, “Most teens are desperately striving to determine a valid and compelling purpose for life. Most of them want to have influence and impact.” And in Montgomery, just like in any other city in our state, there are thousands of teenagers who walk through the doors of their schools every day wondering if someone will notice them. We all know how this goes. We’ve all been teenagers. That’s where the questions begin racing through their minds: Do they like me?  Am I attractive enough?
Cool enough?  Smart enough?  Talented enough?  Athletic enough? And while the ways teenagers arrive at the answers to these questions is constantly changing with the times, the questions are the same.

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Wednesday, 05 February 2014 15:42

Handling Adult Children and Budget Busters


Q. Do you have any advice for teaching responsibility and generosity to adult children and grandkids when it comes to money?

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Loving Others

Jesus broke all the law down to--

love God and love others.

On our own, we could not--so He

did it for us.

We love Him because He loved us. We can love others because of His love for us.



“We love because he first loved us.”

1 John 4:19

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Top 10 Topics of 2013

It’s time once again to present my leading topics from the previous year, highlighted on The Meeting House on Faith Radio.  Here are my “Top 10 Topics of 2013” impacting the Christian community.  


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8 Ways to Address Your Stress


I suffer from the syndrome “Too much to do; too little time”. I’m a professional woman with a heavy travel schedule, married, two children. Over the last several years I’ve become an expert at multi-

tasking. Outwardly, things appear to be running smoothly in my life, but inwardly I feel overwhelmed, tense and stressed. What’s happened to me?


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Wednesday, 05 February 2014 14:56

The Daniel Plan

Rick Warren is one of the bestselling Christian authors of our time. While he has written too few books to compete with the likes of Max Lucado for the greatest number of books sold, the few books he has written have uniformly made their way to the bestseller lists. I have often wondered about why Warren’s books are so successful and here is what I understand as a key factor: He does not simply write books; he creates programs. His books reflect a mountain of ambition. Rick Warren’s latest book is titled The Daniel Plan and, like its predecessors (The Purpose Driven Life/The Purpose Driven Church), it is part of a much wider program—a program meant to revolutionize the lives of those who participate in it. (Do note that this is notThe Daniel Diet. Warren does not take the description of Daniel’s diet and make it prescriptive as others have done.)


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Wednesday, 05 February 2014 14:51

The Sacred Origin of Love

Love is certainly one of our favorite subjects, isn’t it?  The ideal of love compels us toward others, and early in our adult lives, it sets us on a quest for our “soul mate.”  It draws us to books and movies where we can experience both the beautiful depths and painful nuances that come with imperfect people striving to attain perfect love.  Even among the heroes that inspire us, we find that their greatest displays of valor are most often spawned by their loving devotion to another.

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