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Jodi Hargrove Speech Therapist (AL Early Intervention) Owner, The Christian Collection

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RRJ:  You grew up in Gadsden, Alabama in a Christian home. How did your parents create an environment for you to come to know God’s love through Christ?


Jodi:  I was blessed to have parents who provided a home of unconditional love. It was not until I became a parent that I began to understand just how much my parents created a home environment of love and support, which established my foundation of confidence and security in my faith.







My parents demanded hard work and also practiced tough love, when needed, but I never questioned their love.  Through these early years at home, I began to understand and see the depths of God’s love.  Now that I am a parent, we have strived to create the same home atmosphere of love and security, and pray that our kids will learn how much our Heavenly Father loves them. Through this we pray they will have confident foundations for their own faith.    


RRJ:  Times certainly have changed rapidly in recent years.  How would you say the childhoods of your children are different from your own?


Jodi:  Times have certainly changed from my childhood, and the most obvious examples are the cell phones, social media, and instant everything.  Our kid’s lives also seem light years busier than ours ever were.  The challenges come in new and different packages, but if boiled down, the issues appear to be the same.  With the issues deceptively the same, we believe that the ultimate solutions are also the same, to love where we are.  Our best quality times as a family come when we can laugh, play, and be ourselves with no fear of being judged. It takes putting all distractions temporarily on the shelf and opening up to be loved...true family time.      


RRJ:  God…Father, Son and Spirit are timeless.  Their wisdom unto salvation and hope for this life and the next are eternal principals. As a parent, how do you set an environment for your children to know God’s love for them?


Jodi:  Having children and the responsibility of raising children has created the necessity in my life of enhanced prayer.  Parenting is an amazing gift and wonderful blessing, but it is HARD.  Raising children has taken me to emotional places that I never thought existed. Raising children has also taken me physically “to my knees.”  During those times of confusion, self doubt, and questioning I find that prayer is the only means to true comfort and peace. 


When we were brand new parents, we had a guest teacher in our Sunday School class.  I am sure that she shared many meaningful lessons, but the one that spoke directly to me that day was to “establish NOW a morning devotional and prayer time with your children.”  She convinced us that it was imperative to establish, fight for, and protect that time EVERY morning.  Teach them to pray, show them how to pray, and let them know you are praying for them daily. 


It has been hard, especially during the daily tornado of getting ready for school.  However, our 10th grader and 9th grader know that each morning (since they started kindergarten), we will have devotional time and prayer for them and others.  I am so grateful for that Sunday School message so many years ago. To that guest teacher (you know who you are) – I THANK YOU and I know in their hearts my children thank you.


RRJ:  You mentioned intervening for your children through prayer.  How have you seen your prayers answered?


Jodi:  I would say the best example of answered prayer is that through every trial and time on our knees we get closer and closer to Him – seeing more of His character and who He created us to be. I guess that’s the ultimate answer to all prayers.


RRJ:  What means did God use in your life to mature your faith and prepare you to minister to your family in these and other ways?


Jodi:  Being a parent has helped me grow and see a glimpse of God’s love for His children.  This stage of my life has created deep growth out of necessity.  Through realizing and understanding my shortcomings as a parent, I have come to understand that HE is in control and He waits to hold us and meet us where we are. Through many stumbles, and routine attempts to be self sufficient, I am slowly realizing that the only right way is His way. He is slowly peeling away layers to reveal His purpose.


RRJ:  Another unique way you put your faith to work is in your startup clothing company,, where you combine fashion and faith.  What was the inspiration for this venture?


Jodi:  The Christian Collection has been a complete leap of faith which has taken me utterly out of my comfort zone – it has to be all God.  God had been gently nudging us for years to take this step.  Many of His nudges were ignored, scary, and doubted.  Finally, after many years, the leap was taken.  The Christian Collection is a clothing line which combines fashion and faith.  The Collection allows Christians to make a confident statement about their faith, wherever life leads them.  The inspiration behind The Christian Collection are the men and women who desire to take a stand within their daily walks of life.  The Collection line started with men’s ties.  Bankers, financial planners, lawyers, administrators, ministers, and college students are just a few of the examples of men using The Christian Collection to share their faith. 


RRJ:  Finally, what encouragement would you give young mothers just starting out in raising their children in the Christian faith?


Jodi:  The blessing of raising children and raising them in faith is exciting and daunting.  I am slowly learning that God’s love for His children, your children, is far greater than anything we could give or imagine.  With each up and down, success and failure, moment of joy or tears, the only way is to continually call on Hisname and be open and ready to be used by Him. Know that His ways are right and true.


Jodi Hargrove is married to her husband Alan and they have two children. The Hargroves attend First United Methodist Church in Montgomery. Vist


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