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Easter People by Rev. Tim Meadows, Woodland UMC

Written by  Rev. Tim Meadows
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Christians around the world have recently observed and celebrated the resurrection of Jesus Christ.  While Easter may have come and gone, the message of His resurrection should remain with us in all times.  Easter Day begins a season where we reflect on how this truth shapes our lives in all times.  The proclamation that has rung throughout the generations continues to be our theme:  “He is not here. He has risen” (Luke 24:5). 


With the echoes coming from the site of the empty grave, we continue to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus.  It is a high and holy moment when we are allowed to participate in worship that reminds us of this foundational understanding of our faith.  Though he died, Jesus was resurrected for all eternity and continues to live this very day.  It is a message that proclaims God’s power, grace, and love for the world.  This truth of Easter may be the most formative reality in all of history. 


Consider for a moment the many things that have happened because of the resurrection of Jesus.  Wars have been fought and peace treaties signed. The sick have been treated, orphans cared for, hungry have been fed, and homeless have been sheltered.  Addicts have been rehabilitated, elderly comforted, and children educated.  Policies and laws have been written, charitable institutions created, protest have been staged, and rights have been granted.  Cathedrals have been erected and dark, empty rooms employed for worship.  And let us not forget that daily, within the lives of faith communities, millions of people bring their gifts and service to offer transforming, life giving hope and healing to those who are burdened with the struggles of life.  All of this because Jesus was resurrected from the grave.


We are people whose world revolves around this truth.  We are Easter people, people of the resurrection, and this truth must continue to shape all that we are and all that we do.  While we see this in the grand scheme of our world, I do wonder how we allow this truth to form and shape us individually.  This foundational understanding of Jesus’ ministry must influence the manner in which we live daily.  It must shape our minds and our hearts, especially as we seek to be Christ’s disciples in the world.


We are Easter people and as such, we must remember that this truth above all others makes us who we are.  As much as we see the impact of the Christian faith in the larger setting, we should remember that the resurrection gives direction and inspiration to our lives as well.  Because of this resurrection we are called to live in grace, love and forgiveness.  It offers hope, peace, and purpose to our lives in all times.  As Easter People we have not only a story to tell, but also a faith to live through our gifts, service, witness, and worship.  The message of Easter leads us to be different than the world tells us.  It enables us to overcome circumstances and situations.  It reminds us that Christ continues to offer guidance and direction for our personal journeys. 


I hope and pray that your Easter has been filled with the joy of celebrating the great work of God in raising Christ from the dead and offering salvation to the world.  As we continue to live with this message resounding in our hearts and minds, allow the living Christ to make you a person of the resurrection.  Be Easter people always, filled with grace and love for all the world, empowered by the presence of the living Christ, and living as a disciple of the one who conquered death for all eternity. 


Rev. Tim Meadows is senior pastor of Woodland United Methodist Church located in Pike Road, AL.  He has served Woodland since 2011 and finds great joy in his ministry with this historic community of faith who is reaching out to a growing community.  A native of Montgomery, Tim is a graduate of Huntingdon College and The Divinity School at Duke University.  He is married to the Rev. Cherie W. Meadows and they have two sons Walker, a senior at St. James School and Seth, a Junior at Macon East Academy.  You can contact him and find out more about Woodland UMC at


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