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Make It Right

Written by  Bob Crittendon
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The words of Micah 6:8 give us a template for living our lives with justice, motivated by mercy - and can shape an attitude of wanting to make things right:



“He has shown you, O man, what is good; And what does the Lord require of you But to do justly, To love mercy, And to walk humbly with your God?”



Recently, an apparently visually impaired, perhaps even blind, person visited a Dairy Queen restaurant in Minnesota. According to a CBN News report, this customer dropped a $20 bill on the ground and another customer, a woman, proceeded to pick it up and put it in her purse.   In stepped 19-year-old DQ manager Joey Prusak, who asked the woman to give the man his money back.  The woman became irate and stormed out, uttering a few choice words along the way.  Joey then took out a $20 bill from his own pocket and gave it to the man who had been wronged. A customer who witnessed the incident reportedly e-mailed Dairy Queen and the email was sent to store owner Dave Pettit, who posted it at the store.  Then a fellow employee shared a picture of the letter via Facebook and it immediately went viral.  Now, Prusak is getting worldwide attention. He’s even been personally called by major Dairy Queen shareholder Warren Buffet.


According to Joey, Buffet said, “...I just wanted to call and say thank you for all that you did.  It means an awful lot to me.”


Since the posting, the store’s business has doubled and $20 bills keep showing up in Joey’s mailbox from people who have been inspired by his actions. Prusak said he’ll give the money to charity.


What a great story!  It’s a story that underscores several Biblical principles.   One is justice.  What Joey could have done is just ignored the incident, not stirred up anything, and relegated it to a matter between two customers in a restaurant. That is not the path he chose - he wanted to make things right, and he took two steps to do it. He confronted the customer who took the $20 and he gave his own money to the blind man.


Throughout the Scriptures, we read about a God who wants to make things right. Humanity fell in the garden by their wrong choices, and while each of us inherited that broken relationship with God, He made the way for us to be right with Him. While justice might on one hand mandate that we be punished for our sins, mercy motivated God to send His Son to make things right.


A sense of justice can drive us to have right relationships, predicated on the principles of Christ.  If we have offended someone or a relationship has been strained, we can be motivated to ask for forgiveness or to grant it, where we have been wronged.  We serve a God of healing, who desires to make things right.


Another principle in operation here is generosity.  You could say that confronting the errant customer to leave was enough, that it showed the woman that disrespect would not be tolerated in that particular space.  But, Joey gave of himself and shared $20 of his own money with the offended customer; for a 19-year-old restaurant manager, that’s a huge step and a huge sacrifice.  I don’t know what motivated Joey to do what he did, but I know that Christ’s compassion can drive us to be generous.  And, Joey’s not even keeping the plethora of $20 bills that he’s receiving...another unselfish stance.


I think also we need to be reminded of civility, a virtue to which our culture seems to respond positively. Just look at the attention this one simple incident has received.  As believers in Christ, we should be the most civil people on earth.  Joey schooled the woman who stole the $20 on the importance of showing respect to others.  I believe we can be firm in our convictions, but we should do so in a calm and winsome manner.   Being civil, polite, and demonstrating respect for others are qualities that win the day.


In this culture today, our willingness to do that right thing and to actually execute those types of actions can be powerful for the cause of Christ.  If we desire to see justice - to see things made right - injecting Biblical wisdom into situations where wrong has been done, those attitudes and corresponding actions can speak powerfully to others and give us the opportunity to call attention to the presence of the Lord within us.  We can be challenged to be known as people of justice and mercy, generosity, and in a counter-cultural manner so that God might be glorified.





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