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Written by  David Steele
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12 Faithful Men:

Portraits of Courageous Endurance in Pastoral Ministry


12 Faithful Menis a collection of portraits that capture the lives and ministries of godly men, scattered throughout church history. These men come from a variety of backgrounds and have all made significant contributions to the kingdom of God.


Collin Hansen and Jeff Robinson serve as editors of this project and enlist the help of several other pastors and scholars who paint short portraits of these faithful men. What makes this volume so valuable is that each of the twelve men has faced significant pain, suffering, or persecution in ministry. The men include the apostle Paul, John Calvin, John Bunyan, Jonathan Edwards, John Newton, Andrew Fuller, Charles Simeon, John Chavis, C.H. Spurgeon, J.C. Ryle, Janani Luwum, and Wang Ming-Dao.


Most of the faithful men featured in this book are well-known names. The portraits are painted with skill, passion, and biblical wisdom. They are short introductions that will likely prompt some readers to do a more in-depth study. A few of the faithful men in this volume are lesser known figures, most notably, Janani Luwum and Wang Ming-Dao.


Each portrait is an invitation to pursue a life and ministry, which is tethered to sacrifice and suffering. The clear message is that ministry entails suffering and that God uses adversity to mark a man and make a man. And while each portrait provides a basic glimpse of one of these twelve faithful men, the greater message is that God is exalted and glorified in each of these men.





How to Be a Perfect Christian

The Babylon Bee


How To Be a Perfect Christian is a user manual for the spiritually motivated zealot. The subtitle perfectly expresses the inner longings of such a person: Your Comprehensive Guide to Flawless Spiritual Living.


In a mere 192 pages, the authors wonderfully capture the essence of the perfect Christian life. Step-by-step instructions are given that denote which church to attend, which music to listen to, which churches and movies to avoid, and the critical practices that don the ecclesiastical vita of the person seeking Christian perfection.


But in the final analysis,How To Be a Perfect Christian actually guides spiritual zealots away from self-righteousness and straight to the cross of the Lord Jesus Christ: “Instead of faking smiles and completing checklists, the Christian life would be about beholding the unspeakable glory of the Creator and living to please Him and make Him known in a dying world.”


How To Be a Perfect Christianwill make genuine Christ-followers laugh. It will prompt wide smiles. But it will also lead to deep reflection about the lengths many of us have gone to live in our own strength in order to merit favor in the eyes of a holy God. This book (despite all its silliness and wittiness) is a stern rebuke to anyone who is trapped by legalism. As such, it will anger the Pharisee. It will spur the Sadducee. And it will draw the ire of the religious fundamentalist. For these reasons, How To Be a Perfect Christian is a stunning success.




Walk On – Ben Malcolmson


Walk On  is the inspirational tale of a young man who dared to follow his dreams onto the football field and beyond. Ben Malcolmson dreamed the impossible when he decided to play as a “walk on” during his days at the University of Southern California. Pete Carroll was the coach during those days which makes for a very interesting story.


Malcolmson not only shares the story about his athletic pursuits; he clearly describes how his relationship with Jesus Christ began and was fostered in those early days at USC.


Sports enthusiasts will appreciate Malcolmson’s heart, passion, and grit. His love for God shines clearly in these pages as he gives honor and glory to his Savior for enables his hands and guiding his feet.




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