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Reality & Truth Ministries

Written by  Angela Hardgrave
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“I’ve witnessed first hand how God can reach into your personal moment of need, whether it be a need for understanding, or a physical, emotional, or spiritual need, and speak Truth that is applicable to you personally. We all need life spoken into us, whether we are poor, rich, educated, uneducated, skilled, unskilled, healthy, unhealthy, happy or sad. I love receiving this from the Lord, and I desire all to receive the same.”


These words from LaDonna Brendle of Reality & Truth Ministries show the passion that those involved in this ministry have for sharing the love of Christ with others. The mission of Reality & Truth Ministries is to serve and glorify God according to the work of Christ by promoting the One source of Truth amidst everyday realities, through encouraging, teaching, loving, and gifting others.


In the Beginning


The ministry began on October 31, 2008. Brendle said, “The ministry was birthed in my prayer closet. In 2005, I began to sense the call to full-time ministry that would involve teaching through speaking and writing. Over the next couple of years, the Lord equipped me and affirmed the calling. Around Spring of 2008, the Lord gave me a ministry name and mission statement.”


Soon after, the founding board of Reality & Truth Ministries was incorporated. “I am the Founder and President of our organization. Our founding board was myself, Tiffany Beasley, and Alyson Mitchell. We began this ministry because we believed in the need to intentionally bring God’s Word to people, knowing that His Word will meet people exactly where they are in their personal journey in life,” Brendle said. “Our approach to ministry is holistic and relational.  We believe that building Christ-centered, trusting relationships alongside the witness and teaching of Jesus is an effective way for others to have a trusting relationship with Jesus Christ. We also believe that a community is healthier and more likely to thrive when the needs of all people in that community are met.”


Reality & Truth Ministries has made a great impact for good in the River Region over the past ten years. Brendle said, “Since we began our work in downtown Montgomery, the overall crime rate has steadily decreased, and I’m told the gang activity has lessened. I’ve not updated my research with the recent two years, though. We’ve helped many get off the streets through our outreach and in collaboration with other organizations. We fulfill our mission through five outreaches:  One Church Mission, Let’s Talk Truth, Tutwiler Prison Mission, Israel Love Mission, and Beautiful Feet Mission. Hundreds and sometimes thousands of clothing and hygiene items are distributed through us weekly. Between 400 and 600 meals are provided each week to the homeless and poor. Approximately fifteen individuals live in housing with stability because of our financial management program.” Brendle continued, “God’s word is being spoken and/or taught to approximately 600 hearers in our day center each week, to about fifteen women in Tutwiler each month, and to thousands through television and internet every day. Because we are strictly volunteer based, there are approximately 200 volunteers each month experiencing what it means to make a difference in our world, in our community, and to be an active part of God’s plan for His people.”



Reaching Beyond the River Region


Besides the life-changing work they are doing in Montgomery, Reality & Truth Ministries has also expanded their reach beyond our area, and even beyond the borders of the United States. “Our ministry goes beyond the River Region in that it serves the homeless, poor, sex trafficked, and addicted in Tel Aviv each year, and has provided teaching, leadership, training, and resources in Kenya. Many Christians in Kenya, Burundi, Pakistan, and India are using our online teaching resources for the growth of their churches. We’re in the process of setting up a live interactive weekly Bible study and prayer meeting with women in Pakistan. We believe strongly in the mobilization of the church and are excited about the many opportunities the Lord is bringing us to reach out to churches in and outside of the River Region,” said Brendle.


Urgent Need for Volunteers


To reach so many people here and overseas takes passion and prayer, but also volunteers and donations to continue to operate and be successful. Brendle explains, “It takes approximately 150 to 200 monthly volunteers and approximately $7,083 per month to operate. Our current financial need is $250,000 to complete our day center. Our monthly operating expenses will be reduced by nearly half when the building debt is paid.” She continued, “We have an urgent volunteer need for a personal advocate to manage finances of those with disabilities. The three volunteers we have doing this are maxed out, and we are having to turn those with this need away. This is a vital part of our ministry in that it helps remove people from homelessness.

There are a variety of other volunteer needs, such as working with the clothes closet, commercial construction, technology, grant writing, fundraising and administrative duties.” Some specific items that they need are a desktop or laptop computer, and also some commercial building items, such as doors, heaters, air conditioners, a refrigerator, a freezer, a dishwasher, an ice maker, a three-compartment sink, washing machines, dryers, salon vanities, showers, and drywall. Donors can also sponsor a room, such as the kitchen, laundry room, or dining room.


If you would like to volunteer or donate, you can contact Reality & Truth Ministries either by phone at 334-354-6142 or by email at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Monetary donations can be given through their website at or by mail at P.O. Box 6322, Montgomery, Alabama 36106.



Angela Hardgrave is a graduate of the University of Mobile with a degree in journalism and currently works in the Marketing Department of Faulkner University as a graphic designer. Angela is also a freelance writer for several publications in the River Region. She resides in Wetumpka, Alabama, with her three awesome daughters and her dog, Emmy.




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