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Skyrocket Your Father Esteem

Written by  Kemi Searcy
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An American missionary went to an African village to evangelize. He saw a man and his wife returning from a farm. The man was walking several steps in front of his wife. The wife was trailing her husband, carrying a basket of produce on her head. This scene infuriated the western missionary. He quickly stopped them, confronting the husband, “Sir, why are you enslaving your wife in such an inhumane way? Why can’t you, as the man who is stronger, carry the load and walk behind your wife?” 

The wife quickly replied in defense of her husband, “If he should carry the load and walk behind me, who will kill the snakes?”  


For all the “snakes” they have killed throughout the years through prayer and intercession so our families can enjoy peace, we thank and honor the fathers among us!


This month is the one specifically dedicated to father, husband, and brother. We take this opportunity to acknowledge how precious they are in our lives. Without them, the quality of our lives would diminish rapidly.


Billy Graham once said, “A good father is one of the most unsung, unpraised, unnoticed, and yet one of the most valuable assets in our society.”


This world is graced with some amazing fathers whose love and affection for their families build the foundations for our society. I believe wives and mothers need to see these men as our greatest champions and most valuable assets, and do a better job appreciating them.


Undeniably, our society suffers from absentee fathers, yet we must not fail to see that we are blessed with so many countless millions of dedicated, God-loving fathers who cherish their families. Find one you can show appreciation to and make the effort to affirm the ways that he demonstrates the love of God. Write a note or tell him face-to-face:



Thank you for being a provider

for your family.

Thank you for being a leader in your family.

Thank you for being a teacher

and a counselor to the next generation.

Thank you for caring and loving

in the little things and in big ways.

Thank you for the daily sacrifice

you make for your family.

Thank you for being a good role

model for men and boys.



Words are important, but it is also good to demonstrate your thankful heart toward godly fathers in your world. What might you do to return the care he has given you? How can you sacrifice for his desires and needs? While you may be cooking a special meal on Father’s Day, it could make a strong statement if the appreciation went beyond one day. Considering that a godly father’s care is spread over the year, write yourself monthly reminders to find one small surprise or activity that he would particularly enjoy. Watch his favorite movie, go to a park and enjoy a sunset together, or send a “no particular event” card with a personal note.


Let me speak explicitly to wives. I strongly believe that the divorce rate will reduce drastically if we stop taking each other for granted, and live a life of gratitude, respecting and showing the people in our lives that we appreciate them daily. Marriages will be better and father/children relationships will improve. Our homes will be places of harmony, shelters from the storm, hiding places from the turmoil outside, and sanctuaries to our weary souls, rather than the war zones that many homes are.

Here are some ways to help you understand and appreciate your husband better.



1. Get to know your man by spending time talking without an ”agenda.”

2. Find out what makes him feel appreciated.

3. Be consistent showing your gratefulness.

4. Discover what spells “respect” to your husband and demonstrate this.

5. Do what it takes to meet his sexual needs.

6. Make your spouse feel personally special to you. 

7. Cherish your babies’ daddy by citing memories of your life together.



Author Dawn French said, “It was my father who taught me to value myself. He told me that I was uncommonly beautiful and that I was the most precious thing in his life.”


Many of us didn’t have earthly fathers to affirm us this way, but all of us are blessed to have our Heavenly Father affirming us daily, making us secure in His love. He gives us the substance by which we can encourage the people He has brought into our lives.


Let’s not just think about affirming fathers one day a year. Let’s put them front and center of a continual appreciation campaign!





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