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LaBarron and Lori Boone, Married 16 Years

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RRJ:  Have you both been Christ-followers since a young age?


Lori:  We both attended church from the time we were babies. We were both baptized as teenagers. However going to church is much different than living a Christ-filled life. That transformation happened while in law school for LaBarron. When adversity hit, his faith was tested and God clearly revealed Himself to him.  LaBarron said it was as if he was having a conversation with God when God clearly said you cannot expect my blessing unless you live a life worthy of my mercy and grace.  At that time LaBarron’s journey began anew and He strove to Honor the Lord. My journey began after law school when I had reached all of my goals and still felt something was missing from my life. I began reading the Bible and experienced my life being transformed when the words came to life for the first time.



RRJ:  So very early in your relationship together you two made a choice to pursue Christ above all else.  How did starting with that cornerstone set you on the right path together?


LaBarron:  I am an engineer so I analyze everything from a scientific and mathematical perspective.  Humans are selfish and marriages are bound to fail because we selfishly want what we want. From that perspective, I knew if I didn’t approach marriage as a commitment to God it would be difficult. Statistics show most marriages in America fail.  I had no desire to fail at marriage.  I concluded that the only way I would get married is if I found someone who demanded a God-centered marriage.  I found that person in a young law student named Lori David.


Lori:  Pursuing God first places everything else in proper perspective. I don’t believe we would still be married if we were not individually committed to Christ first.  We made a decision to commit our marriage to God and to allow his Word to be our guide on that journey. It’s made all the difference when we’ve gone through bad times.



RRJ:  You both practiced law in the beginning and now, Lori, you manage the household and LaBarron is a Principal with Beasley Allen.  It sounds like your plates have always been full.  What challenges does that bring into your marriage and how does your faith guide you towards practical solutions?


Busy careers didn’t cause a problem, but simply presented a challenge. We ultimately had to decide how we wanted our family life to play out. We went to God and openly discussed how we wanted it all to play out. Those decisions were made with prayer and in cooperation with one another.  Since we made the choices together there’s a whole lot less to complain about when things don’t go as we would like.



RRJ:  In our earlier conversation, you touched on your parents and their influence in your lives.  How intentional are you about allowing your children to see into your marriage and to learn from you two?


Our mothers inspired us to make the world a little better than the way we found it.  We try to live lives we want our children to emulate.  What does that mean?  It means telling them when they are off track and living a life that backs up what you are saying.  It means serving others with our children so they know that life is bigger than our own personal experiences. Sometimes it means asking for forgiveness when we mess up as parents. We don’t always reach our mark, so we hope that they learn that we are just as imperfect as they are. We hope that in seeing our need for forgiveness and grace they will see their own need to seek God’s forgiveness, grace and mercy.  



RRJ:  As you’ve been describing, having a God-purposed marriage doesn’t just happen.  What are key resources you rely on to continue honoring Christ?


We rely on the Bible, other couples who have been where we are, and Christian books. The Bible is the first and best resource. We also learn through the experiences of other more mature couples. We routinely rely on books written by authors who we believe can provide insight on how to live a godly Christian life and marriage. Two of our favorite authors are Tony Evans and John Maxwell.



RRJ:  Finally, since this is our Wedding and Marriage issue, many couples just starting out will be reading this interview.  What’s one piece of advice you two would want to give them?


Do not get married to anyone who is not committed to God. We are all weak and fallible. If you depend on someone else to make you complete they will ultimately let you down. You must live to the standard set by God because even the person you view as most close to perfect will let you down at times. If you place your hopes in anyone other than the Lord you will become disappointed and realize there’s no white knight in shining armor. Allow the Lord to guide your life and He will lead you to the marriage He intends for you.


LaBarron and Lori Boone have been married for 16 years and have two children. The family attends Christ Community Church in Montgomery.



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