Jason Watson

Jason Watson

For nearly twenty years Jason has been discipling individuals and families across the River Region with the good news that Jesus has made a way for us to become fully human again - to live free from sin's curse now and one day to be fully restored in the New Heaven and Earth.  He served on the staff of Frazer UMC and Grace Presbyterian until he, together with his wife DeAnne, decided to devote themselves full-time to publishing River Region's Journey.  Jason now serves as an Elder in his church and publishes local faith and family magazines in several Alabama cities.

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We often have free giveaways for our readers.  They're listed separately under the giveaways on the navigation menu.  If you would like to be notified about our giveaways, please feel out the form in the right hand column.
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A Message Worth Sharing!

For more than 13 years River Region's Journey magazine has been serving all those seeking to learn more about the Christian faith and grow closer to God through Jesus the Christ. When we started publishing Journey in 1999 we wanted to do two things. The first was to spread the message of hope that Christ offers throughout the River Region, especially in places where that message couldn't normally be found (in the marketplace). Our second reason was to provide a platform that would unite Christians beyond their own church's four walls. This is still our purpose today.

Reaching the Community
We now distribute Journey through more than 450 locations across the River Region, of which, only 15% are distributed through churches, allowing us to share Christ's message with the entire community. We also work very hard to design our covers in a way that captures people's attention so we can share the "real-life" articles we publish each month.

Serving the Church
Two key ways that we promote Christian unity and community is by having different local Pastors write our Pastor's Perspective each month. We encourage each Pastor to write on what they're currently teaching their congregation so that all of our readers can get a sense of what other Christians are learning in the community. Also, each month we showcase the work of local churches through our Around the Community section. Churches send us news and announcements on how they're ministering to their own congregation, the community and even across the world.

It Takes All Of Us!
We believe every reader and advertiser is a member on our team. We know Journey couldn't continue without their support. Together we all use River Region's Journey to share the most important message one could ever share.

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The Five Elements

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