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Monday, 02 June 2014 14:30

Blessed to Be a Blessing!

I have known a few folks who were truly blessed to be a blessing. One was my mother. She loved supporting missionaries and pastors, even though she had very little money. Her eyes would shine when she talked of someone she knew who had made it their life’s work to spread the gospel of Christ in a remote country. But the effect on her did not stop with her eyes. She shared all she could whenever she could. One particular instance stands out in my memory.

Monday, 02 June 2014 17:06

Giving Money and Mortgage Payments


Q. My wife and I have a friend we met through the Big Brothers Big Sisters program. She has a 1-year-old child, and she recently asked us for some money. We don’t really approve of how she’s choosing to spend her money—she’s spending a lot of it on alcohol and cigarettes—but she does need financial help. What should we do?


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Monday, 02 June 2014 17:04

Praise Can Set You Free

Can our praises set us free?  Undoubtedly...look at the story of Paul and Silas in Acts 16, as they sang in the midnight hour - in prison.  We’re told that they were praying and singing hymns, when there was a great earthquake and the prison doors were opened.   The keeper of the prison was distraught, but Paul assured him no one had left.  The man then asked Paul and Silas what he must do to be saved.   They told him to believe on Jesus and he, along with his household, would be saved.


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Monday, 02 June 2014 16:55

Practicing the Art of Good Fathering


Although Kris Kristofferson is a well known singer-songwriter and actor who enjoys the company of many important individuals, it is his father who had the greatest impact on his life. Among the many important life lessons Kristofferson learned from his dad, the one which stands out was his father’s hidden acts of kindness.


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Monday, 02 June 2014 16:53

Kathy Grate, R.N.


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Monday, 02 June 2014 16:49

Should Christians Expect to Suffer?


What does Paul say about suffering in his letter to the Romans?  His letter and example illuminates us so much about suffering, even for the faithful. 



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It’s not a secret that we all struggle. We can hide it, push our thoughts away, and tell ourselves “it’s not a big deal” or “this is just how I am,” but at our core we want to believe God has more for us than being controlled or held captive by wounds from the past or struggles of the present. Jesus came to set captives free. Which means all of us. He didn’t just come to set us free so we could go to heaven when we die, but he came for more than that. He came so that his good news could bleed over into our struggles, whether with things we hide or things we’ve done that have hurt others.

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Monday, 02 June 2014 16:40

Hope Beyond Cure by David McDonald

It began with two devastating words: “tumor” and “incurable.” If they are not words you have ever heard, they are probably words heard by someone near you, someone you love or loved. They were words David McDonald heard as well.

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Monday, 02 June 2014 16:37

Be Encouraged!

Every believer experiences periods of spiritual coolness. It would be great if we could all be fired up 100% all the time, but experience proves that it is simply not going to happen. Sometimes we feel like we’re moving away from God instead of closer to Him. Perhaps the sense of intimacy is gone, or maybe we find our trust diminished. The lack of excitement seems to point toward a lack of purpose as we begin to go through the motions rather than worshiping and serving with heartfelt intent.  Pretty soon we find ourselves questioning our own commitment to Christ or looking for someone else on whom to blame our situation. As the spiritual rut gets deeper, excuses come easier, and there is a danger that our temporary coolness might settle into long-term apathy. And the response of the Lord to a lukewarm believer is clear (Revelation 3:16). The lukewarm state of the Laodicean church in Revelation 3 can be a mirror image warning to us (James 1:22-25) if we allow ourselves to slip into apathy about the Word of God and our personal ministries. It is a huge blessing that within the letter of Jesus to that church we find key ideas that show us the way back to spiritual health and a close walk with the Lord. Consider the following…



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