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Recently in church, we talked about spiritual sickness and spiritual healing. You can be sick spiritually just like you can be sick physically. Sometimes, the symptoms of spiritual sickness are obvious. Galatians 5:19-21, Colossians 3:5-9, Romans 1:18-32, and Ephesians 5:3-7 give us some examples of spiritual sickness. If you see any of these things popping up in your life along with things like pride, fear, and anxiety (see Matthew 6), then you are suffering from spiritual sickness.

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Wednesday, 09 March 2011 08:56

From the Publisher - March 2011

What should one’s day-to-day life look like as a Christian? When I first became a Christian this was on the forefront of my mind because I had never given much thought to what a life lived for Christ should look like. In the past I lived for my glory – not His, so now, as one bought by His blood, I wanted to bring glory to His name. Like most new believers, I created a mental checklist of certain sins and tried my hardest not to do them. Plus, as an added benefit to all my Christian friends, I gladly pointed out all the sins they committed that were on “my” list, too. This went on steady for about two years until I finally wore myself out from trying to maintain my legalist faith. When I finally gave out, my moral pendulum swung all the way to the other side and I fell head long into sin.

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