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Wednesday, 10 February 2016 09:42

What Dave says about Allowance and Credit Cards

Q. Our son just turned 8 years old. Is it time to start giving him an allowance?


A. There’s never a time for an allowance, no matter the child’s age. In my mind, that kind of thinking is the best way to plant the seeds of entitlement. You want your son growing up with the idea that he’s owed money simply because he’s alive.

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“Just so you know, we don’t speak Spanish. We speak Mixteco,” a little boy said, chuckling at Hallay Cagle one summer day in 2007. Hallay had spent an entire week with a ministry she worked alongside, ministering to a Hispanic community in Montgomery, speaking Spanish to this people group, assuming it was their native tongue.  Shockingly, Hallay and her group found that this community may have looked like they spoke Spanish, but in reality spoke a language called Mixteco.

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Wednesday, 10 February 2016 08:42

Practicing Gratitude

Throughout the Bible, Christians are exhorted to be thankful to God.  The concept is mentioned over 150 times in the Bible and 33 times by the Apostle Paul in the New Testament. 

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Wednesday, 10 February 2016 08:29

It's All About Love

Valentine’s Day is thought to be the epitome of “love,” expressing our affections through giving flowers, heart-shaped candies, fluffy teddy bears, etc. Love is a powerful emotion and an amazing gift to humanity. The ability to give and receive love is a gift from God and must not be downplayed.

We are not the only ones thinking about love and expressing it daily. The Architect of Love, God Almighty, loves us every minute of our day.

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RRJ: Your belief in Christ began in your home country of Nigeria, but in many ways it began before you were born when your father learned about Christ and trusted in Him for salvation and newness of life.  How did that happen in his life?

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Wednesday, 10 February 2016 07:51

The Tiger and the Goat

In November 2015 in a safari park in southeast Russia, the zookeepers threw a goat in the pen of a Siberian tiger for the tiger to hunt and eat. But the goat showed no fear of the big cat.  In fact, he chased him out of his enclosure and took over his bed. The tiger, unbothered, moved to the roof. He did not consider the goat his prey. The zoo employees were stunned. Nothing like this had happened before. Within days the goat, named Timur, and the tiger, named Amur, became close friends.

Do You Measure Up?

A little boy proudly announced to his dad that he was six feet tall.  His father asked, “How did you determine that?” The little boy replied, “I made me a measuring stick. See, it says I am six feet tall.”  Sometimes we make our own measuring sticks to evaluate ourselves. Often times we compare ourselves to others, and as long as we pick the right people to measure ourselves against, we can measure up. The only problem is we are not compared to our own standards or even other people’s--we are compared to God. 

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