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Wednesday, 03 December 2014 12:20

25: A Spiritual Advent-ure

The Christmas season provides the believer in Christ an incredible opportunity to retrace events leading up to the coming of Jesus and surrounding His birth.  We can also consider how we can respond in a fresh way to the reality of His coming. 

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Wednesday, 03 December 2014 12:14

Keeping Christ the Center of Christmas

We keep one of our family treasures in a white cardboard box, tucked in a corner of our attic … until each December. That’s when it’s carried down the stairs into our den.

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Wednesday, 03 December 2014 12:09

College and Cars

Q. My daughter is a freshman in college, but I didn’t save for her education. My parents said it was my job to pay for my college, and that’s what I’ve told her. She’s going to have about $12,000 in student loan debt after her first year, but how do I talk to her about not ending up with $50,000 in debt when she’s through?

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Wednesday, 03 December 2014 11:49

Making the Most of Your Holidays

“And the angel said unto them, Fear not: for, behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy, which shall be to all people.”(Luke 2:10)


The upcoming Christmas holidays can be marked with profound conflicting experiences.  Christmas may include joy, time for personal reflection, spiritual growth, gathering with family and friends or long held family traditions.  However, family tension, stressful schedules, financial strain, sad memories, childhood disappointments, pain, conflicts, grief and unfulfilled expectations may also be unwelcome guests.  

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It’s rare for a ministry to successfully serve in the capacity that the Montgomery S.T.E.P. Foundation has for almost 30 years without losing enthusiasm and a sense of mission. Since 1986, the Montgomery S.T.E.P. Foundation has touched nearly every at-risk community in the area and had a critical presence in the Montgomery public school system. Most importantly, S.T.E.P. has invested in the lives of youth and played a foundational role region-wide as they faithfully execute “Strategies To Elevate People”. Through its partner churches, staff, and volunteers, S.T.E.P. has been a pillar for the community by transforming lives one heart at a time.

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Wednesday, 03 December 2014 11:41

The Real Answer for Ebeneezer Scrooge

A popular story portrayed on stage and screen at Christmastime is Charles Dickens’ “The Christmas Carol.” Children delight in the colorful costumes and scariness of spirits flying around the room. The chain-laden ghost of Jacob Marley and the Ghosts of Christmases Past, Present, and Yet to Come succeed in scaring the daylights out of miserly Ebenezer Scrooge. Scrooge ends up being a super nice guy, furnishing the ghost story with a happy ending.

Thursday, 04 December 2014 07:53

Purity is Possible

I am often asked where the Christian book market is lacking. While there are certain topics that have been addressed by a multitude of good books (e.g. prayer, marriage, evangelism) there must be a few that have yet to receive substantial attention. For a long time I have pointed to the lack of good books on sexual purity that are targeted at women. Thankfully, Christian publishers are beginning to address the issue, and to address it well.

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Thursday, 04 December 2014 07:51

More Than Meets the Eye

An older couple walked into the office of the President of Harvard University.  They were not well dressed and their appearance was haggard.  The President’s secretary greeted them.  The man said, “We would like to see the President.”  The secretary explained he was very busy and not available and offered to help. “We’ll wait,” he replied. They waited all day.  Finally, late in the afternoon the secretary went to the President and begged him to see the couple, “to get them out of our hair.”  He walked out of his office and asked what they wanted.  They said, “Our son came to Harvard and loved it.  He was killed in a terrible accident.  We would like to build a memorial, a building, in his honor.”  The President looked at them and shook his head and said, “You don’t know what you are getting into.  We have over 7.5 million dollars of physical plant here at Harvard! I’m sorry, but I don’t think you can help.”  The couple walked out of the building.  The husband looked at his wife and said, “Is that all it takes to start a University?  Let’s start one of our own.” He headed back to Palo Alto, California and established a university in honor of the son Harvard never cared about--Leland Stanford University.  This story teaches a simple rule in life- there always is more than meets the eye!

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Thursday, 04 December 2014 07:46

Boo Archer Owner/Life Coach, Fundamentally Fit

RRJ: You shared a story with me about going to the alter at church when you were 13 to ask God for wisdom. Does that mean you placed your faith in Christ at an early age?

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