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Thursday, 30 November 2017 08:22

When Christmas Loses Its Meaning

I recently asked a church group I was teaching to list places where they would like to share the gospel of Jesus.  You could probably guess many they shared.  Places like India, Iran, Japan and Spain. 

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About 10 years ago, our family celebrated Independence Day with Mike’s mother in his hometown of Vicksburg, Mississippi. The city was proudly putting on a huge fireworks display to celebrate the 4th. Arriving downtown before dark, we secured a good observation seat along a low brick wall, unwittingly disturbing some fire ants. I had taken Mike’s large, white handkerchief to swat them off our daughter. We relocated a few feet away, and waited as more people arrived. In the midst of our conversation and the general excitement, a large lady sat down on the bricks close to us. Suddenly, she jumped up and began to dance around, brushing at her legs and backside. Instinctively, I jumped up, too, and started vigorously whacking her ample behind with Mike’s hanky. I think I choked out the words, “fire ants” before the lady made a hasty retreat and the real fireworks began. Later, Mike’s mother started chuckling at the memory, and before we could reach our car, we were all laughing hysterically! The story is now a favorite family memory—a story that will be passed on to our children’s children.

Thursday, 05 July 2012 13:40

Resources for a RIGHTeous Life

As the designer of our bodies and minds and the entire creation, God gives us a way to live that works “rightly.” We call it a righteous life.

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