Easter is the most celebrated day on the Christian calendar. Church attendance is high, shouts and greetings of “He is Risen! He is Risen Indeed!” are heard in churches across the land, there is a lot of joy - in addition to really nice clothes! I have heard people say how they love Easter because of the Resurrection, but how some do not like to focus on the Cross as much because it is more depressing. This is an unhelpful perspective, of course, and most mature Christians would see it as being poor theology. For many Christians, though, Easter gets the focus and Good Friday is often overlooked.

Everyone--all of us, every last person on God’s earth--deserves decent shelter. It speaks to the most basic of human needs --our home--the soil from which all of us,mevery last person, either blossom or wither.  We each have need of food, clothing, education, medical care and companionship; but first, we must have a place to live and grow. (Millard Fuller, founder of Habitat for Humanity)


Wednesday, 04 February 2015 17:50

Tried and True Keys to a Healthy Marriage

Written by Jasmine York

To follow up our January issue’s focus on weddings and newlyweds, we found four couples in the River Region who’ve all been married for more than 30 years in an effort to get their perspective on lasting marriages. In each of their stories, they’ve shed unique insight into the dynamic of their relationship, the role God has filled within their marriage, and offered success tips on what they believe has helped them preserve a healthy, long lasting union.


Tuesday, 03 February 2015 17:33

CYIA: Local Summer Mission Opportunity for Teens

Written by Kelley Parker

Many children in our community don’t know the Lord. These children are unaware that God cares for them and that He loves them.  They don’t know what sin is.  They may feel the effects of it, but they don’t understand that they don’t have to be controlled by it, and that there is a punishment for it. 

Luv, how long have you and Derek been married and what are your fondest memories of your wedding and the days leading up to it?

Saturday, 03 January 2015 13:03

Inspiration for Planning Your 2015 Wedding

Written by Mary Sanders, Mary Me

Looking back over the last year of weddings, there were beautiful brides and a lot of detailed planning that went into making many wedding days a wonderful success. It is with a grateful heart and a lot of joy I look forward to this next year in weddings. I hope this article will bring some good insight and inspiration for brides (and their moms) planning a wedding in 2015.

Saturday, 03 January 2015 12:49

Building a Marriage 101

Written by Candy Arrington

Often, when caught up in the dizzying, heart-pounding early days of love, it’s hard to imagine feelings could ever change. But events and circumstances challenge even the deepest love and most stable marriage, so it’s important to lay a little ground work before saying “I do.”

Wednesday, 03 December 2014 12:14

Keeping Christ the Center of Christmas

Written by FamilyLife

We keep one of our family treasures in a white cardboard box, tucked in a corner of our attic … until each December. That’s when it’s carried down the stairs into our den.

It’s rare for a ministry to successfully serve in the capacity that the Montgomery S.T.E.P. Foundation has for almost 30 years without losing enthusiasm and a sense of mission. Since 1986, the Montgomery S.T.E.P. Foundation has touched nearly every at-risk community in the area and had a critical presence in the Montgomery public school system. Most importantly, S.T.E.P. has invested in the lives of youth and played a foundational role region-wide as they faithfully execute “Strategies To Elevate People”. Through its partner churches, staff, and volunteers, S.T.E.P. has been a pillar for the community by transforming lives one heart at a time.

There is nothing better than finding joy and meaning in the things God has given us to enjoy. This is especially true for the “great outdoors.” From open fields and running rivers to birds, deer, and fish...there is an abundance of natural resources all around us. It’s in this sanctuary of seasons, crunching leaves and the call of a turkey, where many people find they sincerely connect with God. It’s also in these places that people have an opportunity to enjoy nature’s bounty together and get to know each other and the Creator in the process.



Monday, 03 November 2014 17:29

Bounce Back From a Setback: 6 Ways

Written by Rev. Victor M. Parachin

Since she was 12, Catherine Romero was athletic, running and then doing triathlons. Shortly after posting her personal best time of 1 hour, 31 minutes in a triathlon, disaster struck. The Seattle attorney suffered a stroke. “No one expects a healthy, fit 39-year-old woman to have a stroke. I certainly didn’t,” she says. Testing revealed a large hole in her heart. Doctors believe she was born with this hole and her heart enlarged to compensate for it. During the two months she waited to have surgery, she remained at home. The once very energetic, strong athlete was now “weak, dizzy, unable to walk or use my left arm properly, having trouble with certain words, afraid of having another stroke and feeling extremely depressed.”


In 1996, Tom Benz was working as a Regional Director with IBS, the International Bible Society, developing partnerships to underwrite new translations of Scripture and see those new translations published and distributed. His work took him across the world, and in the spring of 1996 he took a trip that changed his life. The Bible Society invited Tom to observe a Bible camp in the southernmost part of Ukraine, in Yevpatoria, a coastal community on the Black Sea. Soon after the collapse of the Soviet Union, IBS launched a program aimed to place age appropriate Scripture in the hands of every one of the million plus orphans in the former Soviet empire. Though Tom was initially apprehensive (he grew up in the midst of the Cuban Missil Crisis – these were the bad guys!) this trip would allow Tom to have firsthand understanding of the initiative and ignite a passion in his heart that would go beyond anything he could have imagined.



Wednesday, 01 October 2014 15:17

Sex: Itís Time to Talk

Written by Bryan Levangie


“Mom, I’m pregnant.”


I think this may be at the core of what every parent of a teenager is secretly hiding in their heart. It’s the fear that one day their son or daughter may make that one mistake that will change the course of the entire future. On the outside this fear is often masked. We have to appear we have it all together, right? Our children would never do something that bad. Yes, they are human, and we all make mistakes, but we are a Christian family and they have been taught to do the right thing. It will be okay.

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