Jesus told his disciples, “The poor will always be among you” (Matthew 26:11). This same sentiment was also expressed in the Old Testament in Deuteronomy when the Lord spoke through Moses, “There will always be poor people in the land. Therefore I command you to be openhanded toward your brother and sister and toward the poor and the needy in your land” (Deuteronomy 15:11).

Wednesday, 06 March 2013 14:30

Freedom Through Forgiveness

Written by Carmen Falcione


Jesus states in Luke 4:18 that the Spirit of the Lord was upon Him to proclaim liberty (freedom) to the captive and set the distressed, downcast, and downtrodden free.  This verse states Jesus’ work on the cross (His obedience in taking on our sins and the wrath of God); His resurrection procured for us healing and deliverance spiritually, physically, mentally, and emotionally.  The unbelievers are unaware of this, but sadly some of God’s children are either ignorant or negligent in embracing the totality of the work that Jesus purchased for us.

If you’re a single parent, you likely did not plan on becoming one. Even though your life looks different than you imagined, you can make the most of it—and of your kids’ lives, as well. You can be a successful single parent.



In 1984, inside a trailer behind Frazer United Methodist Church, Faith Radio signed on the air.


It had been nearly four years since a group of people realized a need to bring Christian radio broadcasting to Montgomery. After much prayer and persevering through numerous obstacles, the Federal Communications Commission finally granted their approval for a non-commercial radio license.


For several years, as I walked in my neighborhood, I saw a man who ran the same route I walked. Eventually, his pace slowed to a stumbling walk. Later, his steps were so labored I wondered if I should offer to get my car and drive him back to his house.

Wednesday, 16 January 2013 09:59

From Melissa McKinney McInnis…

Written by Melissa McKinney McInnis

Clay and I have been married three happy months. With each day we grow more thankful for each other and God's big picture plan for our lives. We were blessed with a fairly seamless transition into married life and I truly believe it was the result of a constant awareness of God's role in our union.


Your close friend tells you that her husband has left her and her three small children.  “Please pray,” she weeps into the phone.  What do you ask for?


A Christian college newsletter reports a fatal car accident involving four young people on an outreach trip for the college.  “Pray for the families,” the newsletter implores.  For what, you wonder?

Looking back over this past year of weddings, it has been fun to see the trends we read about and planned for really take shape as they were executed for many brides. It is always a challenge to make each wedding unique when many brides have similar tastes, but it certainly is a goal of mine. Looking forward to 2013 gets me excited after previewing some of the ideas that are trending and influencing weddings for this next year. Here are a few of the ideas that will inspire weddings and brides.

Monday, 14 January 2013 10:40

Before You Say “I Do” A Premarital Checklist

Written by Lou Priolo

Dr. Anthony Florio likens certain premarital danger signs to traffic lights.


Like red blinking danger signs mean STOP, then proceed with caution (if at all)...

Negative traits may be hidden from you, and just the tips show

what is going on beneath a supposedly mature exterior.


In my counseling ministry I have given the following checklist to many couples along with the following advice. “If there are more than a couple of these ‘danger signs’ in your relationship, you should probably be concerned. The greater number of these issues you encounter between the two of you, the more you should consider putting your relationship on hold, not necessarily breaking up, but slowing things down (or at least not moving forward) until these issues are resolved.”

Friday, 07 December 2012 01:25

The Christmas Advantage

Written by Lettie Kirkpatrick


Unique Opportunities to Share Christ this Season


It can be almost “cool” to be a Christian at Christmas.  Even unbelievers assume many of the trappings of our faith.  And they are blissfully unaware that most of their decorations represent truths about Christianity.  It’s a great time to take advantage of opportunities to share Christ and give witness to the events that led to this celebration.  Consider these ideas for helping lost friends and relatives see the Savior in this season.

Friday, 07 December 2012 01:05

Angels Among Us

Written by Rachel Fisher


The Salvation Army Blesses the Needy at Christmas

Whether or not you have children of your own, it’s hard to overlook the giddy grins and sheer excitement that illuminates from them during this time of year. For most of us, the children we know will have full stockings and bellies, not to mention a Christmas tree bursting with gifts they can’t wait to unwrap on December 25th. 


Friday, 07 December 2012 00:54

Overcoming Rejection

Written by Candy Arrington


Devon walked away from the list posted on the board outside the drama classroom. Once again, he’d been bypassed. Oh, he’d be in several crowd scenes, but he’d auditioned for a lead role in the play, and Samuel had gotten the part. Samuel always got the lead. “I don’t know why they even bother having auditions,” Devon muttered. “They cast the same people for the lead roles every time.”


Impacts Future Leaders for Christ

Alabama State University is made up of 5,600 racially and culturally diverse students from over 42 states and 7 countries. Eddie Chambers and the students he ministers alongside at ASU would tell you this campus is an important one, not only because it is one of the largest historically black colleges, but because it is a college campus ripe for the gospel. They also hope to ignite a passion in the heart of the local church in Montgomery. That passion is fixated on a desire to see people not only in right relationship with God, but in right relationship with one another, and to see the gospel as it truly is-one that transcends race and culture, especially in a city like Montgomery.


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