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William Green: Owner, William Delaney Consulting, City Councilman District 5

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RRJ:  When did you come to the realization that you needed the salvation offered by Christ?


I was 17 or 18 years old.  I was watching a PBS special that was showing the U.S. targets of Russia during the Cold War in 1980 or 1981.

Maxwell AFB was number two or three on the list due to their war college.  I had been having a recurring dream that everyone was being raptured and I was being left behind.  When I saw that PBS special, I knew that I was not saved and I needed to do something quick or I would go to hell.  I jumped on my sister’s bike and rode to a house around the corner that had the word “Pastor” on the mailbox.  All the while looking in the sky for nuclear bombs.  I believed that nuclear war was eminent.  I did not know the person on whose door I was knocking.  I knocked on his door crying, begging to be saved.  He opened the door and looked shocked.  I asked him what I needed to do to be saved.  He invited me in.  I kneeled on the floor and accepted Jesus as my Savior.  I have been on the journey ever since.


RRJ: How has your relationship with Christ and the works it produces changed since you first became a Christ follower?


In the beginning, I was very strict on everyone.  I mean, after all, if I was reading 10 chapters a day and witnessing to everyone 24/7, then how come everyone else was not doing the same thing?  I did not understand that there is a journey God has for everyone.  As I got older and more mature in the Lord, I was forced to accept that I was also human.  I have learned to be more understanding of where we all are in the process.  I allow the Lord to lead me more than when I was out in front.  It is not about me, but about lifting up the name of Jesus. 


RRJ: I know you’re heavily involved in your church, Fresh Anointing, but as a business owner and new City Councilman you carry your faith far beyond the church walls.  Can you tell us the name of your business and the types of services you offer?


I am an Oracle applications financial consultant.  I implement and manage financial systems for Fortune 500 companies.  I also build mobile applications for small businesses.


RRJ: In your business, how is your faith revealed to those you serve and work alongside?


The simplest way that my faith is revealed in my line of business is by saying grace over my food.  I know that sounds silly in the Bible Belt.  But outside of Alabama, I was warned not to ever say grace over my food because it would offend many people in business situations.  I made my mind up when I first started consulting that I would never choose a client over God.  Also, since we are charged with great responsibility and given a lot of control over a client’s finances, there is plenty of opportunity to take advantage of the client for personal gain.  As a Christian, I must always put the client’s needs before my desire to bill more hours.  The client puts total trust in me that the advice I am giving them will lead to the most cost effective solution with their best interest in mind.  I have seen plenty of consultants only concerned about billable hours over the client’s best interest.  As Christians, we must resist the urge to be dishonest with those who put their trust in us. 


RRJ: God doesn’t just show up somewhere because you reveal Him in that place.  God is everywhere and meets us across His creation.  How has God specifically revealed His power and sovereignty in the marketplace?


He revealed His power and sovereignty in my run for public office.  I was a huge underdog in my campaign against a three-term incumbent.  He was very well funded and had the support of many people in public office as well as many businesses.  I had no political experience.  However, at all turns, I asked God what to do next and He revealed to me a clear strategy to win.  He also brought the right people to help at the right times.  He touched the hearts of the people to turn out on the day of the election.  I was amazed to see all of the things that fell in the right place along the way.  Had one of those things not been in place, I would have lost.  I won by the slimmest of margins, 20 votes.  I am still amazed even to this day how it all came about.  I know that it was God and not me that made this victory possible.  I am convinced that my decision to give the election to God and allow Him to direct my path was a prime example that God will take care of the outcome as long as you are obedient to Him and not concerned about the outcome.


RRJ: This year you took your elected seat as the City Councilman for District 5. What led you to serve your neighbors in this role?


About a year before I decided to run for office, I was involved in the fight for traditional marriage all across the state of Alabama.  We would contact several pastors and elected officials and none of them would come out and speak.  As a result of us not being able to get leaders involved, I would end up being the speaker at many of these events.  This led to my concern that there were no Christian leaders speaking up to defend Christianity in the marketplace.  I wanted my voice to have a bigger impact than just an individual speaking.  Therefore, I sought a way to elevate my voice in the public square.  I knew that it could take decades to build a church, so the quickest route was to run for public office.  It just so happened that the city council race was coming up.  A group of us took an oath that it was not about winning or losing.  It was about interjecting the Christian conservative voice in politics during the campaign.  One thing lead to another and I won.  The funny thing was that I never gave any thought to anything after election day because I only focused on the primary objective.  I honestly thought that, for a brief moment at least, it would be enough if I could speak to people about the serious threats to religious freedom and the spiritual deterioration of society during the campaign.  Now that I am in office, I must pray and seek opportunities to be used by God as a city councilman.  


RRJ: Do the Bible’s teachings inform and equip your decision making as City Councilman?


Yes.  The primary Bible verse that drives my approach is Matthew 6:33, “But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.” It is the verse that got me there and it will be the verse that guides me while I am there.


RRJ: A faith well lived comes by grace alone through Christ’s work and the Holy Spirit’s power, but the treasures of our inheritance are accessed by the consistent practice of spiritual disciplines.  Can you share what you have found to be the greatest practices for walking out your faith and experiencing the freedom of holy living?


What helps me get through the day is reading the Bible everyday and praying.  Through this, I am closer to God.  The Bible says pray without ceasing.  Through constant prayer during the day, I find that I stay closer to God.  I have to be careful for nothing.  I cannot take anything for granted.  I am nothing special.  I know that it is by God’s grace that I am in office and it will be by His grace that I stay.  Nothing is guaranteed.  We must be willing to die on the cross for our faith.  There is no political power or any amount of money that is more important than my faith in God and my eternal soul. 


William is an ordained minister at Fresh Anointing House of Worship and is married to Marla Green. He is the father to two lovely daughters, Nichole and Spencer Green. Nichole is getting ready for an internship at Google and Spencer, at 3, is plotting to take over the world.




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