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He Rose to Commission You

Written by  Kemi Searcy
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Among the numerous holidays we love and celebrate, my favorite is Easter. As a young girl I looked forward to getting dressed in my new outfit on Resurrection Morning.  Mom made us look extra special with ribbons in our styled hair and shoes that matched our outfits. I was excited about being in church and witnessing the reenactment of the crucifixion. The drama brought tears to my eyes and a tender love in my heart for the Savior. Even though I was too young to understand all that took place on Holy Week, my heart seemed to come alive. 


As I got older, my fondness for this holiday grew as I understood the physical pain and the spiritual agony endured by Jesus. His sacrifice on the cross that ascertained my redemption, gave me a greater appreciation for my salvation and an immense love for Jesus.


My favorite account of his burial and resurrection is recorded in John chapter 20. It relates that early on Sunday morning while it was still dark, Mary Magdalene came to the tomb and found that the stone had been rolled away from the entrance. She ran and found Peter and John, telling them that someone had taken the Lord’s body out of the tomb. She worried as to where they could have possibly taken Him.


In verses 3-10 Peter and John ran to the tomb to find it empty as Mary had alleged. Not understanding what had happened, they returned to their homes.


A Woman’s Tears

The sorrow stricken Mary Magdalene remained at the tomb. She looked inside and saw two angels sitting on the stone. They asked why she was crying. She explained that someone had taken away her Lord and she did not know where they had put Him.


Just then she saw a man, whom she thought to be the gardener. She gained hope thinking that he might know where Jesus’ body was placed. He asked Mary why she was crying and who she was looking for. She politely said that if the gardener had taken the body away, she would like to know where so she could take Him away. The man was actually Jesus, Himself. He tenderly called her name, “Mary.”  She recognized Him immediately and screamed for joy, “Rabboni!” which means “Master.” 


Jesus Moved by Love

Jesus then made a profound statement, “Touch me not for I am not yet ascended to my Father.” The plan was for Jesus to not be seen or touched until after He showed Himself to His Father, but He could not resist the love-sick heart of Mary Magdalene. Wow! What an amazing response to a love quest!


To Mary, Jesus was everything; not just a Savior, He was her Lord! No wonder when others came to the tomb and left, she tarried and mourned. Mary wanted Jesus dead or alive! When she asked where Jesus was so that she could take Him away, where was she proposing to take a three day-old dead body? That to me demonstrated a language of love.


In light of Mary’s example, what do you crave the most? Who is the highest focus of your love quest?


A Woman Commissioned

After He had revealed Himself to her, Jesus told Mary to go and tell His disciples that He had risen. A woman was the first to proclaim the risen Savior. Mary Magdalene and her company later went about on the hillsides of Judea testifying about His majesty.


It does not matter about your choice of politics or the particular doctrine to which you adhere. I am not intending to put you in the pulpit. However, if Jesus has ever done anything for you, you should testify about it. He commissioned you when He saved you. (See John 15:16.)  


Remember the woman at the well, an outcast from her own people, had but one encounter with the Lord. The result: she who had been ostracized and marked as immoral became a proclaimer of the greatest news ever shared! She was not a scholar; she had not memorized Genesis to Revelation. All she knew was that A Man had told her all that she had ever done! She knew that He must have been the Christ! So she invited her entire town to come and see for themselves. The people came and Jesus did not disappoint her.


Easier Than Rolling the Stone Away


So women of God, receive your commission!

1. Invite people to church.

2. Testify: tell them of your deliverance.

3. Do acts of kindness in Jesus’ name.


May the resurrection power of Christ, awake in us a greater spiritual force and strength, so that we can passionately pursue our God-given purposes. 

Lailah Gifty Akita, Think Great: Be Great!                 


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