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Becoming a Better You

Written by  Pastor Kemi Searcy
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Have you ever felt disappointed with where you are in life? Have you ever come to the point where you were craving to do better in certain areas? If so, you are not alone. 

There is an inward drive to do better that we all share as human beings. This drive is due to God, our Intelligent Designer, who has perfection ingrained in our DNA.  He’s wired us to grow from glory to glory, and sometimes, unbeknown to us, we march to that drumbeat striving to be like our Maker.

We want to be better wives, better mothers, better sisters, better employers, better employees, and better Christians. We may be unsatisfied with our looks, jobs, or standing in society. While these may be truths we face, we cannot change everything. Yet there are plenty of aspects we can and some that we must change in order to improve ourselves. Here are seven steps to help with your quest for a better you.


1. Change what you can.
To do better you must discover what you do not like about your present reality.  Maybe you are easily offended and unforgiving, taking your frustration out on your children and spouse. Maybe you are a shopaholic and that causes trouble at home. Perhaps you generally are dissatisfied with your life and want something better.
It is fine to want more out of life when we do so in a healthy manner. God wants us to advance from one level of glory to another in every area possible. Joel Osteen says that God did not create us to be average. We were created to excel. I agree!  Don’t you?

2. Vision
Envision who you want to become and where you want to be in the future. Keep that vision constantly in focus, meditating on it until it develops into a craving and a passion. The Bible says that as a man thinks so is he. (See Proverbs 23:7) What you behold, you become.


3.  Set goals.
Most of what we get out of life is won through our efforts. We can be and experience God’s best if we engage His help and partner that with hard work.  God has given us the ability to do much, and He desires that we utilize those abilities. See the vision, cast off bad habits, set some realistic goals, and work daily on succeeding at your dreams. 


4.  Develop community.
“Iron sharpens iron, so a man sharpens the countenance of his friend” (Proverbs 27:17). This verse is God’s way of telling us that to do better we need a God-fearing friend whose advice, company, and accountability will help us achieve the desired results. Change happens best in groups.


5. Allow the process.
Most of the unflattering things about our character are seen through behaviors and traits that have been developed over time. It has taken years for them to develop to where they are today, so it will take time to undo our ingrained negative habits. And even more time to relearn new ones. For example, if you are in the habit of frowning every time you hear your name associated with something unpleasant, make a point to smile. It is not going to be easy at the beginning, and there will be times you will fail at smiling in spite of the situation.

What must we do when we fail?  We need to remind ourselves that we alone are responsible for our emotional reactions, and no one else! When a smile shows up on our faces, even though we are screaming on the inside – that is victory. If we persist, our inward disposition will match up with our outward reality in time.


6. Ask God for help.
Jacob of biblical fame desperately needed a total makeover. He had been a trickster, lying and cheating people all of his life. One day he came to a face-to-face confrontation with God through His angel. The angel asked him what his name was. Of course the angel really knew Jacob’s name, but the man needed to face himself. He was Jacob, which literally means trickster, liar, and cheater. With that realization he wrestled with the angel all night to have his nature changed. At the end, Jacob the trickster became Israel the prince of God. (See Gen. 32:22-32)

We must have a realistic view of ourselves. Whatever character adjustments are needed, we need to ask the Lord through prayer to help us fix these issues.

“The only person you should try to be better than is the person you were yesterday.” (Maya Angelo)

7. Celebrate!
Finally, celebrate your steps of victory by rewarding yourself with whatever brings joy to your heart, as an incentive to keep on doing better. And enjoy the better you!

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