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Tommy McKinnon, Baptist Health

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RRJ:   You had parents who taught you about Christ and you were active in church, but your faith drastically changed in your 30’s. Can you tell us what happened?


Tommy:   During my 20’s, I had simply turned the volume down on God. Sadly, I was totally focused on me, my career and my personal goals. As a result, my relationship with my wife, Sandy, began to suffer. But I began to hear from God at 30 and that still, small voice told me I needed to change.

 He took my family on a journey from Birmingham to Montgomery, a place we never envisioned as a destination, but one that has now become home. Through strong relationships in church, at work and among neighbors, God--time and again--pushed my spiritual capacities in studying the Bible, sharing my faith and encouraging others whenever possible. He molded an imperfect man to become a spiritual leader within my family, as an Elder at Centerpoint Fellowship and within my workplace.

RRJ:  What is your position at Baptist Health and what does it entail?


Tommy: As the System Director of Marketing and Communications at Baptist Health, I oversee all strategic marketing, communication and brand management efforts for our health system. It’s an extraordinarily fast-paced, challenging role that has enabled me to build strong relationships in every level of the organization and throughout the community.


RRJ: Is it hard to mix corporate life with your Christian life?


Tommy: I’m very fortunate to work for a faith-based organization that maintains a 52-year mission founded on loving and caring for others just as Christ would. Our mission sets the tone of our workdays, including meetings that begin with prayer, daily system-wide devotions and career paths devoted to serving others. I’ve worked in margin-focused environments before in which one’s faith never surfaced. I could not ask for a more loving and supportive team and workplace than at Baptist Health.


RRJ: Even though Baptist provides an environment that fosters the Christian faith what are some specific personal challenges that you have to intentionally seek out God’s grace to overcome?


Tommy: Well, we’re all imperfect regardless of our faith, and with that comes sin. My personal sin has often manifested itself in pride and selfishness. God has taught me great humility over the years by allowing me to fail and learn from my mistakes. As a result, God strengthened my faith by allowing me to put all trust, all hope and all effort into pursuing His will over mine.


RRJ:  You clearly strive to be the same person at work that you are at church.  I know that’s the case in your home as well.  What are some practical ways you love and equip your family with God’s grace and His purposes?


Tommy: Our family of five, like most, is constantly pulled in competing directions for school, work and extracurricular activities. As a result, my wife and I intentionally try to create opportunities for our children to hear from God each day. While we don’t always have the chance to eat dinner together, when we do, we end by reading a short devotion and praying for acquaintances, friends and family we know are in need. Sandy and I help lead our church’s youth group, where we get the chance to interact with our children within a discipleship environment. Additionally, each June for the past three years, our family has participated in a mission trip to Ensenada, Mexico through Centerpoint Fellowship and Yugo Ministries. This annual trip has been an incredibly beneficial experience for our family unit, enabling Sandy and I to truly model Christ’s love to our children by building a home for a family in need and serving a community in a culture very different from our own. Through these trips, it is our hope that our children understand the importance of loving others unconditionally, looking for opportunities to give of themselves daily and answering God’s call upon their lives to boldly stand as servant leaders in a broken world. Sandy and I have experienced no greater joy than working alongside our children as peers—rather than as parents—in service to God and others.


RRJ: What are the Christian resources that you consistently take advantage of in order to fulfill your calling to live in and through Christ?


Tommy: I strongly believe in studying the Word, ongoing prayer throughout the day, listening to worship music and having an accountability partner. I make a practice of reading often, meditating on the message and asking God what he wants me to learn from it. As a result, my prayer life is fueled by my reading and maintained as a day-long conversation with God. To keep me on track, I meet weekly with an accountability partner. It’s a cherished time to talk like men, gently correct, if needed, and support each other through life. All of these resources are fine on their own, but together, they provide a sustainable means for me to diminish my selfish motivations, focus on helping others and constantly seek God in everything I do.


Tommy McKinnon is married to Sandy and they have three children.

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