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Born to Be Free Through Christís Love God Speed Biker Ministries

Written by  Candy Arrington
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Mark Fronduti, hair dresser by day, God Speed Biker Ministries minister by Sunday, has had quite the “ride” in life and could not sit still any longer.  His new ministry, only active a little over a month, is working at a capacity that only God could orchestrate.  God Speed Biker Ministries takes place in A&P Automotive, 430 Eastern Blvd. in Montgomery, two Sundays per month and grows by the week. 

Mark A. Fronduti, wasn’t always a minister of the Gospel to those around him. In fact, he says he spent years living life without God, throwing “the best parties.” But when his brother came to know Christ and later died of colon cancer, Mark claims it was his brother’s “peace about dying” that intrigued him most about who God was. Mark gave his life to Christ shortly after, and soon found that the things that made him feel the most alive in life were cars and motorcycles. It took 20 years before he felt God begin calling him to a position of ministry, but when he felt the nudge to start something he spent time thinking and praying with his girlfriend.  After much prayer, the two felt that God was leading him towards a ministry to those who are riders and needed encouragement. 

Mark took time to become an ordained minister and says that, “God took over the rest.”  Within months of dreaming of the idea, Mark felt that God aligned everything to start God Speed Biker Ministries in Montgomery.

Mark began asking the Lord what this ministry would look like when he got a phone call from A&P Automotive.  The owner of the shop heard about what Mark was wanting to do and offered his space for worship.  At first, Mark was hesitant to the idea of a church service in an automotive shop, but as time progressed he saw the Lord “lining everything up perfectly for the ministry.”  He decided A&P Automotive would be put to best use by clearing the space and allowing the bikers to actually ride their bikes into the shop to use as their seats. 

The Bible verse that is the motto for their ministry is Luke 14:23: “The Master told his servant, go out to the roads and the country lanes and make them come so that my house may be full.” Mark believes it is a very fitting verse for bikers, but it was the discovery of the verse that Mark feels was an act of God.  While waiting for his girlfriend to finish her shopping one day, Mark walked over to a neighboring store to browse.  He had been praying for a while about the decision to pursue this ministry when he eyeballed a t-shirt that read: “God loves bikers too,” with Luke 14:23 on the back.  He felt in that moment it was time to let go of his fears about the ministry and let God make all the decisions.

The service that Mark schedules and plans consists of encouraging scriptures, testimonies, and tears.  Mark says, “Everyone who comes cries because the Lord has done so much in their lives.  We truly are a diverse group of people who have all done crazy things. It’s a completely judgement free zone when you step into a service with us!” 

With all the tears that stream at every service, Mark feels everyone should have their own “hanky”.  While most people use handkerchiefs that are delicate and folded properly, this group had a different idea.  The hanky used is a red shop towel, and Mark has enough for every person who comes through the doors. “I see these towels as a representation of Christ’s blood that cleanses our sins.  At the beginning of every service, everyone rallies together and waves their rags in the air!”  He eventually wants to have “God Speed Biker Ministries” stitched in them, but for now, the red shop towel is enough. “You can clean your bike and your tears,” Mike laughs.

This group is growing weekly, and by the grace of God, so many have come to know Christ and His love for them through this ministry.  Mark hopes more people will come, even those who are not bikers, allowing it to be a place of encouragement and excitement about the Gospel for all. 

Service times are every other Sunday at 11 a.m, with doughnuts and coffee at 9:30 a.m. Visit their Facebook page at God Speed Biker Ministries for more information and updates, or call (334) 462-6275.



Laura is a freelance writer, born and raised in Montgomery, Alabama. She enjoys spending time with her husband Cody and finding all reasons to have joy in life!








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