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Wearing the Belt of Truth in Marriage

Written by  Mike and Lisa Conn
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Therefore put on the full armor of God, so that when the day of evil comes, you may be able to stand your ground, and after you have done everything, to stand.  Stand firm then, with the belt of truth buckled around your waist . . .  Ephesians 6:13, 14


Continuing our discussion of The Armor of God in Ephesians 6, we will focus on the belt of truth, the first symbol of protection to be mentioned.  We will examine the truth of God’s word and the importance of being truthful, particularly within the marriage relationship.

There are many ways to envision what the belt of truth looks like.  First, the footnotes of the NIV Study Bible describes the belt of truth to be symbolic of the clothing of the Messiah as seen in Isa. 11:5.  Others see the belt of truth as symbolic of the dress of a Roman soldier, of whom the writer, Paul, would be knowledgeable.  The belt is not actually the armor but instead provides the place for armor to be held, therefore it would be put on first.  A laborer or shepherd of the time would be wearing a loose, flowing garment which would need to be “cinched in” with a belt or sash before working or protecting those in his charge. 

What is meant by “the truth” in this passage?  The truth refers to the truth of God’s word, but can also speak to the importance of being truthful and sincere in our character.  We asked several active duty military couples who have participated in our Family Teams for Life program to give us their thoughts on “the belt of truth”.  One couple shared:


The belt of truth is the first piece of spiritual armor that we are called to put on.  This was significant to both of us, as we recognized that without knowing God’s Word--His Truth--we cannot come to know Him as our Savior, and without knowing and accepting Him as our Savior, it will be impossible for us to put on the other pieces of armor Paul mentions. Without knowing and accepting the Truth of God’s Word, we cannot be clothed in His righteousness; we cannot know, and thus, share the gospel with others; we cannot stand firm in our faith in that Truth; we cannot receive the salvation God offers us; and we cannot use His Word to combat the spiritual warfare that comes against us. Just as a belt is used to secure other pieces of clothing, so God’s Truth is meant to secure our salvation and sanctification as we walk with Him. 


Another wife shared about God’s truth regarding her struggle with depression related to constant changes in friendships and homes from frequent military moves.  She said, “When I am on my knees at a place I cannot move forward, crippled by doubt, fear, hate, guilt, shame, or any other lie this world has sold me on believing at one time or another, I remember the truth of (His) resurrection.  The belief (truth) I have that the Father, our Father, would not let his child stay on the grave or sit alone in darkness.  The truth of the matter is He wants life for me.”  God’s truth leads us to salvation and life-everlasting!

Finally, as we prepare our armor to protect us from the enemy, we must be truthful in all things.  Satan, our enemy, is a liar, a cunning and crafty liar who deceives because his lies can be close to the truth.  We must have knowledge of the truth of God’s word so we can speak the very words of God and expose the enemy’s lies.  We are taught to do so in 1 Peter 3:15 which says,“Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have.”

Another military spouse shared her perspective on “the belt of truth”:

“As a spouse, as a mother, as a friend, this means a lot to me. It’s easy to let “little” lies creep in. It’s easy to make excuses for them and convince yourself that no one will know - it’s okay.

However, God calls us to be above reproach - to stand firm in the TRUTH. Those little lies are great offenses to Him. Jesus died on the cross for those lies, and when you look at it in light of the cross, they don’t seem so “little” anymore.

Some of the greatest hurt in our marriage has come from little lies on my part. I didn’t think the things were a big deal. I didn’t think he would ever find out. I didn’t think it was worth “mentioning”... but when the lies were uncovered, they caused great pain for the one I love most. I realized words REALLY meant something to him, more than I could have ever imagined. The man that I love is one with great integrity and a man of character, and within just a few years of marriage, I realized that my words had the ability to love, strengthen, and encourage or breakdown, destroy, and deeply hurt the one I love.”


As you can see, there is much to consider when we study the concept of putting on the belt of truth, the first piece of the armor of God.  Knowing the truth of God’s word gives us the spiritual strength and courage we need to fight the enemy.  Being truthful and sincere with our spouse and others is a testament to God’s character of truthfulness--one we all wish to emulate. 



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