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At Home with the Lord

Written by  Scott Weatherford is pastor of Vaughn Forest Church
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Psalm 90:1 Moses states,“throughout all generations you (God), have been our home.”

Moses was a wanderer...he grew up away from home, lived away from his people, and then was called by God to lead the Jewish people into the promised lead them “home”.  It is ironic that the man who knew no home was the leader toward home.  But Moses knew something that we don’t know. 


This past week I have been home.  Back to the only consistent place that I or my family have known as home.  The house my parents filled with love and the grace of God.  Although my parents are no longer living there, it is still home. 


While there, I  pondered my past.  I remembered hearing the voice of God whispering to me about direction, about love, about following Him.  I felt the warm embrace of my mother and the steadying hand of my father.  I reflected on the progress of my own family in that place.  I recalled the nights I lay in bed and prayed for Tara, my wife, and our future together - praying that she would love me like I loved her; the Christmas gatherings; Calah, my daughter, running backward hitting the wall and the stitches that followed; the nights spent sleeping with Caleb, my son, on a blow-up bed in the middle of the living room. The sweetness of home flooded my heart and filled my eyes with tears.


As I pondered, I could not help but recall Moses’ words... “Lord, you are home.” We all have a longing to find the place where we belong. But it is not a place, it is a person...a people...a purpose. It is God who is making us a family.  We are looking for home and it has been God all along.


God knows our needs and He meets those needs.  He knows we need something tangible - something real that we can embrace, name, touch, and declare as our own.  The house I grew up in is that space, made sacred by the very presence of the God who filled the hearts of those who lived there. 


During this sojourn home I am embraced by my brother and sister, reconnected with my children, and as always accompanied by my wife, Tara.  I am home - with God and with my family.  There is no place like it, and there is nothing that meets the longing of my heart better than it can.


As I lead I must remember that my calling is to direct people to the home found in Christ.  This requires me to live with heaven in view.  Home is where the heart is...with Jesus.  When we came to Vaughn Forest we were looking for a spiritual home.  I know many in Montgomery are doing the same.  We all need a place and a people who share our passions and fill our hearts.


One day I will be home.  God will whisper to me once again and call me to Himself, and I will discover the truth that Moses, the wanderer, knew all along.  I think the first words I’ll hear will be, “Welcome home.”  Until then, I am home here in sweet home Alabama!





Scott Weatherford is pastor of Vaughn Forest Church in Montgomery.




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