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Newlyweds Derek and Luv DuBose Sharing Advice for Before and After Your Wedding Day

Written by  Mary Sanders, Mary Me
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Luv, how long have you and Derek been married and what are your fondest memories of your wedding and the days leading up to it?

We have been married for nine months! It feels like the time has flown, but at the same time it feels like we have been married forever. We were married on March 8, 2014 at First Baptist Church in Montgomery, and held our reception at Hampstead where we live. Sometimes I feel like I am bragging when I say that we had the perfect wedding, but God totally blessed every part of that day!


Leading up to our wedding we had so much fun. Typically, I think brides put so much pressure on themselves for perfection, but the day becomes perfect because you are marrying your best friend with all of your other best friends there to watch. It’s not about each little thing flowing perfectly, it’s about celebrating a new life together with all of your family and friends.


From taking pictures with the wedding party to our first dance to cutting the cake (which I should have taken lessons for), everything was just a blast! We prayed that God would be honored by our wedding and that His presence would be known throughout it, and I am so glad that every part of it was a reflection of Him.



Most couples spend the majority of their engagement time planning for the “wedding” rather than planning for their “marriage”.  How did you prepare for marriage so that it could start off on the right foot and grow even richer with time?


We began our engagement praying for our marriage, not our wedding day. We were constantly asking God to join us in life together. I feel like God has really honored that. We went from dating, to engaged, to married in what feels like a seamless transition. I think that is because we are/were in constant pursuit of the Lord and each other. We talked openly about our hopes and desires for the future and about all of our expectations.


As you seek to honor Christ above all else, how would you say that focus helps you have a thriving marriage and a right attitude toward your new spouse? 


We love being married. We are also so thankful for God’s grace, because even though we are best friends, we fall short. But when we do, it is the Lord who covers us. I don’t think a relationship of constant love and forgiveness could exist outside of Christ.


Being married isn’t just about spending time together, it’s about bringing the Kingdom of God to earth together - as one. And I love that! We are able to work stronger and harder because we are together. It is amazing how God joins your desires to love Him and others. I never thought there would be another person that had the same passion as I do to live life like I do, to adopt children from all over the world, to fight human trafficking, and to love in crazy ways, and then came Derek! How good is God?



What advice would you give engaged or newly married couples to help them prepare for marriage and to help them grow in “oneness” after their big day?

I would say focus on being married! Don’t go crazy trying to live up to everyone’s expectations. Your house does not have to look perfect. You don’t have to have every piece of furniture in your home. You just have to start marriage. Go on day trips to the beach, stay up late watching Netflix, make a dozen cookies together and then eat them ALL, serve other people together, and learn how to serve each other. We are so excited to see all the things God has in store for our future, and we fully believe that if we honor Him with our marriage He will use us in extraordinary ways. Ephesians 3:20 says that God will do exceedingly more than you can ever ask or imagine. We believe that for our marriage and encourage everyone else to embrace that promise!



Derek and Luv DuBose met in the summer of 2012. Derek had moved back to Montgomery after college, and Luv had just graduated from college and started a new job. Luv works for Stella’s Voice, a non-profit working to end human trafficking. Derek works for Jackson Thornton. The couple attends Saint James UMC.



*Photos by Cameron Freshwater.




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