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Daniel and Krystal Mims - Mims Management Group

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RRJ: You two have been in each other’s lives for a long time, having grown up together in the same youth group and eventually getting married. What impact has that early Christian instruction, then belief, played in your life and marriage?


We married young at age 19! Everyone told us we were crazy, but we both knew exactly what we wanted...each other. When we were teens growing up at First Assembly, church was our life. We were literally there almost every day of the week so we didn’t have time for anything else. We were both on the Bible Quiz team and that really laid the foundation for our relationship. Memorizing over 1/3 of the New Testament over that time laid the foundation for the rest of our lives. It developed our minds to think like Christ, shaped our desires to commit everything to Him, and made Christ the absolute all in all for us both. So, 22 years later, we are still together and happily married with three wonderful children. We are living a life of purpose because Christ has always been the center of our relationship.



RRJ: Is that foundation you received something you’ve sought to pass along to your three children?


Absolutely. Like Jesus said in Mark 8:36, what good is it if you gain the whole world and lose your soul? I think this principal is true for our children as well. Nothing is as important as their salvation. We often joke that our children were born in church. It’s the only life they have known. We share life with a great extended family and we are so thankful and blessed to be surrounded by incredible saints who have helped us to rear our children. We’ve also been blessed to have a direct involvement with their Christian education. Krystal coached them in Junior Bible Quiz and I coached them when they advanced to Teen Bible Quiz. I’ve also been able to teach both of our boys, and soon our daughter, in the High Teen Sunday School class which I’ve taught for 20 years.



RRJ: In 2003 you two took the first steps towards what has become the Mims Management Group, primarily focusing on business solutions in the pharmaceutical industry.  What led you to this venture?


An idea. We believe it was a God-inspired idea. I was working for another pharmacy company and I had an idea for a unique way of providing pharmacy services for a particular health care sector. After praying about it, researching, and performing the due diligence, I presented the idea to Krystal. Without hesitation, she said, “Let’s go for it.” I want to say that God had given her a divine revelation, but I’m afraid she was just stir crazy from being a stay-at-home mom for nine months.



RRJ: Now you have more than 200 employees working across the country.  How do your Christian beliefs effect the way you lead them?


As Christians, we know that we live our life for a higher purpose than just success, recognition, riches and comfort. God has called us to make a difference in the world. We try to instill this philosophy in the way that we present our companies to employees. We are very open about the faith-based ministries that we support and try to instill in every employee that we are all working for a higher purpose. These companies would not exist if it were not for God’s blessing. We also believe that God requires excellence in everything that we do (Ecclesiastes 9:10). Christians should be the hardest workers because we are working for the Lord and not ourselves.



RRJ: Locally, you’ve recently opened Cotton & Pine Creative, which is different from all your other brands.  What does Cotton & Pine offer our readers?


Cotton & Pine Creative is truly unique. In January of 2014 we purchased Long Run Press, moved it to the adjacent building of our corporate headquarters on the Eastern Blvd. and changed the name to Cotton & Pine Creative. We designed the space to look like an old Southern storefront, purchased 100-year-old equipment that could produce printed material with a unique quality and character, and spun off our MMG Creative Department to make something that has turned out to be very special. The creative side of Cotton & Pine offers services like graphic design, branding, logo development, videos, photography and writing. We are story tellers. Whether that’s telling the story of your business, your family or your special event, the creative staff of Cotton & Pine do an incredible job of communicating genuine stories. The print side offers a lost art of craftsmanship and quality. We offer letter pressing, foil stamping, embossing and die-cutting; techniques rarely used in today’s modern world of digital printing. With the creative services and the printing working together under one roof in collaboration, we have produced some incredible items.



RRJ: Couples working together is rare.  How do you two do that well?


Working with your spouse can be challenging to say the least. You never can get away from work – you are always talking about it. However, it can be extremely rewarding. You get to share in the joys of success and lean on each other during the trials. It makes you closer and strengthens your bond.



RRJ: Finally, living out your faith in Christ everyday doesn’t just happen.  It takes serious effort through God’s resources and the Holy Spirit.  What are some specific ways that God equips you to live daily for glory?


Guidance from the Holy Spirit is critical. There have been times in our journey where I know beyond question that God has given us clear and precise direction. Time after time we have seen His hand weaving an incredible plan. Our biggest responsibility is just obedience. That’s a lot easier said than done. So often, we get caught up in the business of the day, activities and circumstances. God often just wants us to be still and listen. That’s why you’ve got to keep the “dailies” daily. Prayer, time in the Word, and Godly fellowship are all crucial to living your faith consistently. It really helps to put the phone away, stop checking emails and turn off the TV. You’ve also got to live a life of service to others. Once you begin to focus on the needs of others, you take the focus off of your own needs and allow God to handle them.



Thank you both for taking the time to share your journey with Christ and how you’re honoring Him where He has called you to shine.

**Photo provided by Michelle Consuegra.




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