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Unwrapping THE Gift!

Written by  Kim Hendrix
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John 14:27: “I am leaving you with a gift—peace of mind and heart.  And the peace I give isn’t like the peace the world gives.  So don’t be troubled or afraid.”


Is it already happening in your house--gifts wrapped in beautiful festive paper, with perfectly tied bows, stacking up under the Christmas tree?  It’s that time again.  Our homes are decorated, our budgets are probably stretched thin, all as we attempt once again to focus on the reason for the season. 

I love Christmas time.  I love the aroma of special dishes being cooked for family gatherings, the sparkling lights on houses and trees, the excitement of children as they await Santa’s visit and the fellowship with believers who feel humbled to celebrate the birth of our Savior.  As I get older, the wrapped gifts under the tree seem more excessive than celebratory.  Sure, I love seeing my daughter open gifts, but what I want more than anything is to know she’s unwrapped THE gift.  I want her to know the peace that comes from believing in Jesus Christ.


I once interviewed a young man in Auburn who can’t walk, has little use of his arms and was rapidly losing his eyesight.  He wrote a book called, “I Do What I Can”.  It’s the story of his life--what it’s like to grow up with a debilitating disease.  This is a young man who has two degrees from Auburn.  I asked him where he finds his strength, his desire to keep going and smiling.  He said during his time at Auburn, members of a Christian fellowship became his support team.  They helped him get bathed and dressed for class and out the door.  And there he sat, years later, telling me he gave his life to the Lord and decided to trust Him fully.  He said, “I can’t explain it exactly, but good things are happening, they really are!  Some may look at me in this wheelchair and say how can he say good things are happening, but they are.”  He’s unwrapped THE gift.


In the words of John 14:27, the gift of peace is the gift of salvation, a certainty in this life and beyond.  In one of my Bibles describing the Gospel of John it reads, “The beautiful material found in chapters 14-17 reveals the deep love of Jesus for the believers and the peace that comes from faith in him.”


Our Savior gives us so many gifts, so freely.  We don’t deserve them, in fact we can’t do anything to deserve them, but we can receive them.  How?  Believe in Jesus, nurture your faith by reading His Word, spend time in prayer, reach out to others, allow your faith to shine, share THE gift with others, and realize God wants to bless you richly.


A young woman in our church said something to me one Christmas that I’m quite sure will resonate with me for the rest of my life.  This young lady almost died many years ago in a serious car accident that left her in a coma.  She had to learn to walk and talk again, and now needs someone with her most of the time.  I sat down behind Meghan and her mom three days before Christmas.  I tapped Meghan on the shoulder and said, “Meghan, are you ready for Christmas?”  She smiled and said, “I haven’t bought gift one, so I’m not ready to give, but I am ready to receive!” Meghan has a beautiful child-like faith with deep spiritual wisdom… I knew what she meant.  She was ready to receive the gift of our Lord and Savior! She has unwrapped the gift and lives with a peace that can only come from God.


Too many of us are walking through life carrying this great big gift that’s never been unwrapped.  He gave it to us freely, now it’s up to us to receive it.   


My prayer is that you and your loved ones will tear into this gift with reckless abandon.  As we celebrate the birth of our Savior, let others see the peace that only He can give.



Dear Lord, you are the great provider.  Everything we need comes from your hands.  Thank you for a peace that transcends all understanding.  May we know you, love you, receive you and share you.  Amen.








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