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A Beautiful Blur

Written by  Kim Hendrix
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Ecclesiastes 3:1: “There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens.”


Do you ever feel like your life is a blur?  Your days are filled with trying to get children to and fro, work, supporting your spouse, cleaning the house, making dinner, watching school sports or activities, attending church programs, remembering to pick your children up again, trying to get in a workout and then hoping to hit your pillow at a decent hour so you can get a little rest before starting all over again!  Sound familiar?

A co-worker and I who both have teenaged children were explaining our busy days to one another at work recently when another co-worker whose children are grown stepped out of her office to say, “Enjoy this time, you won’t ever have anything like it again.”  She went on to say, “You’re at a time in your life where everyone in your family has the same focus--it’s all centered around the family doing things together. Once your children start driving and especially when they go off to college, you won’t have that anymore.”  So true.


It was during that conversation when we named this season of life, when it seems we are truly taking in “every activity under the heavens” at once, a beautiful blur.  Yes it’s busy, at times hectic, but don’t miss that it’s a beautiful time of togetherness and focus.


I just recently went through jury selection and when the judge asked us to stand and briefly say what we do in our spare time, there were many answers from parents who feel they have no spare time.  “My wife and I have a two year old, that’s my spare time,” said the first potential juror.  Another young father said, “My wife and I have a three year old, he’s our life.”  I thought to myself, “Welcome to the blur,” and I had to smile.  They’ve only scratched the surface of how great the coming years will be. Even when some of those blurry years are tough, and they will be, when you’re focused and centered, it’s still beautiful.



Hebrews 12:1-2: “And let us run with endurance the race God has set before us.  We do this by keeping our eyes on Jesus, the champion who initiates and perfects our faith.”



While your actions and energy are focused on making things work for your family, don’t miss that the true beauty comes when the larger focus is all about Jesus.  While school activities, sporting events, church camps and ministries can throw us into a blur, our true focus, where we start and finish each day, must remain on living for Jesus.  I love the lyrics of the song “Jesus at the Center”:



Jesus at the center of it all

Jesus at the center of it all

From beginning to the end

It will always be, it’s always been You Jesus, Jesus.

Nothing else matters, nothing in this

world will do

Jesus You’re the center, everything

revolves around You

Jesus You, at the center of it all,

The center of it all.


It’s all about You Jesus.



I have to think that’s how we keep the beauty of the beautiful blur, even when the blur ends.  When children go another direction and we’re no longer working to get to the same activity, we can still have a common focus.  One larger than a football or basketball game, bigger than a band concert or even a wonderful night of worship at church.  One that forever bonds our spirits and fills us with peace, joy and a certainty that we’re together even when we’re apart. 


And for now, in the heart of the blur, as we help our children discover and develop their gifts, let’s keep Jesus at the center of it all.  Let’s smile when we’re pushed to the limit, when it seems there aren’t enough hours in the day, and celebrate this season God is allowing us to live. 



Dear Heavenly Father,

Please help us to see you clearly in the beautiful blur.  May you always be at the center of our lives and thank you for allowing us to share the love and laughter of family.  Give us the strength and humility to keep our eyes forever focused on you.  In the name of your loving Son who died so that we could live great big lives, knowing you, we pray, Amen.






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