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Wives, Do You Pray?

Written by  Brenda Payne, Eastwood Counseling Center
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“If I fail to spend two hours in prayer each morning, the devil gets the victory through the day. I have so much business I cannot get on without spending three hours daily in prayer.”


These words by the great reformer Martin Luther both encourage me and slay me! I’ve been married almost 23 years and a Christian much longer than that, and yet my prayer life seems as though it’s still in it’s infancy compared to great men of God who devoted hours to it. I am called to be my husband’s helper and arguably the greatest help I can be is when I am on my knees. I don’t go there often enough because I would rather “do” and “talk” and “work” and make things happen than sit and pray! I often put more confidence in my flesh than in the work of the Spirit. What about you?


In his work, A Call to Prayer,19th century Anglican Bishop JC Ryle challenged his readers, “I have a question to offer you. It is contained in three words, DO YOU PRAY? The question is one that none but you can answer. Whether you attend public worship or not, your minister knows. Whether you have family prayers or not your relations know. But whether you pray in private or not, is a matter between yourself and God.”  Ryle goes on to explain why the question is so important. Read the section headings and then I would encourage you to go purchase a copy of this booklet for further mediation.


I. I ask whether you pray, because prayer is absolutely needful to a person’s salvation.


II. I ask again whether you pray, because a habit of prayer is one of the surest marks of a true Christian.


III. I ask whether you pray, because there is no duty in religion so neglected as private prayer.


IV. I ask whether your pray, because prayer is an act of religion to which there is great encouragement.


V. I ask whether you pray, because diligence in prayers is the secret of eminent holiness.


VI. I ask whether you pray, because neglect of prayer is one of the great causes of backsliding.


VII. I ask, lastly, whether you pray, because prayer is one of the best means of happiness and contentment.



So, I ask you DO YOU PRAY FOR YOUR HUSBAND? I confess that I have not prayed for my husband as often as I should or pleaded his case as passionately as I should before the throne of grace. I relate well to the disciples who excitedly ask Jesus to teach them to pray (Luke 11:1) and then later when Jesus asks them to pray the most important prayer of their lives they fall asleep (Luke 22:39-46)! Prayer is hard work. It’s a labor of love. And, it is one of the greatest privileges we have as “helpers”.


Prayer not only is a means by which you cooperate with God in your husband’s life, but it changes you.  A simple method of prayer is the “ACTS” prayer. It is an acronym to lead you through prayer and looks like this.  Begin your prayer time with adoration. Lift your gaze to God and remember His character and promises. Next, confess your sins to the Lord. You will have an entirely different view of your husband once you have dealt honestly with your own shortcomings and see your need for grace. Then, move to thanksgiving. Give him thanks for all the ways your husband is a blessing to you and for all the things you are not having to deal with! Finally, make supplication. Ask the Lord to work in your husband’s heart and life. Pray portions of Scripture for him. Don’t pray primarily for what you want from him, but pray for what God wants!


Here are a few questions to consider about praying for your husband:


• Do you acknowledge your need for the Holy Spirit to teach you to pray and do you ask Him to teach you to pray for your husband?


• Do you pray to be a wife that honors the Lord? Do you acknowledge and confess your sins?


• Do you pray for him regularly? Or, do you only pray in times of crisis?


• Do you persist in prayer or do you grow weary, lazy or forgetful? 


• Do you thank God for your husband, in all things? Remember, God is even using the bad for good (Romans 8:28).


• Do you pray God will change him for your own benefit or for His own glory?


• Do you pray mostly for temporal blessings or do you focus on spiritual blessings?



At, Nancy Leigh DeMoss, has a wonderful plan called “31 Days of Prayer for Your Husband”.  I challenge you to print if off and make it a jumping off point this month to pray for your husband daily. Pray expectantly for the Lord to answer your prayers and rejoice in the privilege you have exclusively as a Christian wife to make intercession on behalf of your husband to the God of the Universe! Now, that’s powerful help!




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