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Shake It Up!

Written by  Bob Crittendon
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I think that people are watching us, especially if they know that we call upon the name of the Lord.  They may be observing in a cynical way, hoping to see us stumble or fall. They may be looking to us for hope in their lives. We may be the person that points them to an answer in their lives, or someone through whom God brings an answer to prayer.  We are called to readiness - for God to use us in whatever circumstances He pleases, in order to bring honor to Him, to make Him famous.


In 2nd Corinthians 2:14-15, we read about the power of influence, which is something we can demonstrate through Christ: 

Now thanks be to God who always leads us in triumph in Christ, and through us diffuses the fragrance of His knowledge in every place.

For we are to God the fragrance of Christ among those who are being saved and among those who are perishing.


I was recently introduced to the concept of the “Harlem Shake”, which can be likened to the “flash mob” phenomenon.  It’s built around a song from an artist named “Baauer.” Here’s the drill: one person, presumably dressed up in some kind of costume, is videotaped doing some sort of dance or movement, then the video is cut abruptly, and the next scene features a whole lot of people doing lots of dance moves.  The most effective “shakes” include plenty of costuming.  A school might even throw in a mascot or two.


YouTube is full of these demonstrations - some creative, others pretty random.  I think these types of activities, like the “Call Me Maybe” videos from last summer that were done on a variety of school buses or the flash mobs that continue to be quite popular, indicate the desire of people to express themselves in creative ways.  In the Middle East, the “Harlem Shake” is being used as a peaceful protest tool, as recently hundreds of protesters, instead of throwing objects and inflicting damage, have been taking to the streets with dancing.  You may not agree with the method or even the cause, but you have to appreciate the creativity and the devotion to non-violence.


Sometimes, I think a good message is enhanced - or damaged - by the way that it’s communicated.  We have to pay careful attention to not only basic content, but also how we try to get our point across.  If we’re creative rather than combative, seeking to build a bridge rather than dig in dogmatically, we can be more influential with people.  We can call on the God of creativity to give us fresh ideas for sharing messages consistent with His heart.  


There are two creative instances to which I want to call attention that show how we can communicate Biblical principles and to influence culture in a Christ-honoring ways.  One involves a concept I referred to earlier - the “flash mob”.  Perhaps you’ve seen the video that the Second Baptist Church of Houston did a few years ago, where church members and people from the community gathered in a park and performed a dance to music that shared the story of the resurrection.  The participants then left the park, but left shoes behind, to be distributed by charities.  Montgomery’s Heritage Baptist Church seized on the concept, and did the “Dance Your Shoes Off” event in a field adjacent to their church last year.  This year, they’ve decided to take it to EastChase in Montgomery! 


Another instance involves EQUIP, the leadership training organization that was founded by John Maxwell, which has trained some six million leaders in scores of countries around the world.  They are devoted to not only training leaders to do church ministry, but to be transformational leaders - influencing culture for good, consistent with the character of Christ.  One country in which they have been particularly active and successful is Guatemala.  And, currently, EQUIP President John Hull is leading a 2,400-mile relay from Atlanta to Guatemala City to call attention to their work.  Again, here is a compelling message, communicated in an “out of the box” fashion.


There are so many ways that God’s people are using fresh ideas and leveraging creativity to glorify Him.  Do you have an idea, a concept that you want to get across?  Do you sense a need to communicate truth in a different way?   Maybe you need to diffuse a potentially difficult situation in your family or workplace – there may be a way to communicate your position in a way that wins rather than repels, that promotes peace rather than dissension.  You can rely on our creator God to lead you by His Spirit so that you can be a person of influence on the people with whom you come in contact.








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