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Is Jesus Your Top Priority?

Written by  Dr. Jim Simoneau
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On the fourth of July we are reminded of the founding fathers and the dream that God used to bring America to life. If you have read much about the founding fathers, you will realize that many of them made great sacrifices to found this nation. Some lost their fortunes, their families, even their own lives to help us be in a free Christian nation. Christian liberty was worth living for and dying for to them.


Let me ask you a question. What is the most important item in your life? What would you die to keep, to protect, to save? What is your top priority? The greatest good in your life?

Does God set priorities for your life? Matthew 6: 33 indicates that a Christian’s top priority is to, “Seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things shall be added to you.” What things is Jesus talking about? He is talking about food, shelter and clothing. The activity of seeking Jesus and the kingdom of God does challenge each of us to a radical lifestyle. This passage actually tells us that seeking Jesus--knowing, believing, loving and trusting Him--is more important than seeking clothes, more important than seeking food or shelter. Jesus must come first.

But wait! Don’t we all have to eat? Of course we do, but seeking Jesus faithfully does not mean that you do not eat. It means that eating is not more important than Jesus. This is the reason that Christians fast from time to time. We are reminding ourselves that knowing, loving and serving Jesus is more important than eating. We need clothes and shelter. God even clothed Adam and Eve. He commands us to care for our families (I Timothy 5:8). Though some Christians sold their houses to give money to the church, not all Christians did so. Read the book of Acts and see how many families opened their homes so they could have church meetings in them. God cares about our food, clothing and shelter, but all of these are temporary things we use in this life. We are to live for Christ and eternity, not simply for this world’s provisions. Christ must be our first love. It may mean missing a meal to help a grieving friend, or not buying a new outfit so you could give the money to a needy friend, or even reducing your dream home plans to make Christ first. Sadly, many Christians can let the treasures of this world choke out their fruitfulness for Christ (Matthew 13:22).

God says this same thing in many different ways. Do you remember Mary and Martha when Jesus came to visit? Martha was working hard waiting on people, but Mary was sitting at Jesus’ feet, listening to Him. Martha got angry and told Jesus to tell Mary to get to work. Basically, Jesus told Martha that Mary was choosing the best thing for that moment. The top priority at that time was to sit and learn at the feet of Jesus. More important than all the work Martha was doing, as good as that work might have been, the kingdom of God and the Head of that kingdom – even Jesus, must come first.

This is why we challenge people to read their Bibles the very first thing in the morning. Put Jesus first on your schedule, put Him first in your financial decisions, first in your relationships, first in your work and recreation, first in everything.

So we come back to the original questions: What is your top priority? What are you living for? What will you die for?

Dr. Jim Simoneau is pastor of Young Meadows Presbyterian Church, 5780 Vaughn Road, Montgomery.

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