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Charnelle Joiner

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RRJ:  What goals have you set and achieved? In your opinion, where does your drive come from?


Charnelle:  Two of the first goals I set were to obtain my cosmetology license and become a certified group fitness instructor. Once those goals were met, I started setting new ones. I graduated from Mississippi State University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management, commissioned in the Air Force, obtained my Teachers of English to Students of Other Languages (TESOL) certification and began teaching English as a Second Language. 



I’ve also managed to obtain a Master’s Degree, become an Alabama Real Estate Agent and realtor with Chosen Realty LLC, and am currently an Assistant Professor of Aerospace Studies at Alabama State University.  All while serving the Lord and raising a family, which are the things that drive me.  The strength and vision of my Lord and the love and support of my family has allowed me to set a positive example for my children and hopefully others.  I want them to know that they can be and do whatever they set their hearts to achieve.  We can do all things through Christ who strengthens us.



RRJ:  Spiritual seeds are being sown daily.  Explain when the “seed” of Christ was planted in you and how God watered it in your life.


Charnelle:  I didn’t grow up in church; however, I had an aunt who gave her life to Christ and was able to share her faith with her family.  Although she witnessed to me and planted the seed of salvation, it was a friend inviting me to church, praying with me, and showing me how to live for Christ who inspired me to trust Jesus one Sunday morning in 1994. 



RRJ:  Philippians 4:19 holds the promise that God will supply our every need according to His glory in Jesus.  How has God “supplied” for you? 


Charnelle:  Although I come from humble beginnings, God has always taken care of me and always had a covering (a protection) over me.  I was four years old when my mother passed away and my brother and I went to live with our grandparents. As it turned out, it was the best decision for us.  My grandparents were amazing.  They ensured we had everything we needed, and we were able to just be children enjoying our childhood.  They shared their love, wisdom, and support all the time. My grandparents supported my decision to join the Army after high school where I met my husband of 26 years, and through him, God keeps my needs supplied and even gives me the desires of my heart.  



RRJ:  When you made the move to follow Christ, God gave you a vision to strengthen you.  Explain that vision and how it was a game changer. 


Charnelle:  The day I gave my life to Christ was the day the Lord was knocking on the door of my heart and I did not want to answer.  The pastor asked if anyone wanted to give their life to Christ.  I thought to myself, I’m not ready to make a change my life! When the pastor asked if anyone wanted prayer, I went to altar for prayer, but then, I was asked if I wanted to be saved. At that point, I began to talk with God…I told Him I could not do it because I did not want to disappoint Him if I fell.  God said, He would help me and that He will never leave me.  By now, I was completely unware of what was happening around me because I had a vision of me on a cliff.  Then Satan said, If you give your life to God you will fall off this cliff and die.  I closed my eyes and said to Satan, If I fall, then I will fall, but I trust God! I took the step and the ground leveled out under my feet as far as I could see.  I did not fall, but I had a straightforward way ahead and I was overwhelmed with joy and peace.  I knew that God would help me, and never leave nor forsake me, and He has kept His Word!



RRJ:  God provides us with spiritual gifts so we can be effective in His kingdom.  One gift you have is intercessory prayer.  How have you been able to use this gift and how does God keep you active in it?


Charnelle: Prayer has always been a part of my journey.  From a little girl praying in the middle of the night, to being invited and led to prayer groups in various locations where I’ve lived, to being appointed prayer leader and coordinator in my local church and church district, God has truly made room for my gift.  The Lord has allowed me to bring so many believers and non-believers together during the 24-hour prayer line.  I’ve established and actively participated in prayer line meetings in New Mexico, New Jersey, Alabama, Florida, California, and Tennessee.  I truly enjoy standing in the gap and praying the will of God as it is in heaven.  I’m called and chosen to pray… 



RRJ:  You have served in the Army, Air Force, and Air Force Reserves for a combined total of 16 years, and are still serving strong.  How has “service” become a part of your life?


Charnelle:  I’ve always believed that joining the military is a calling, not just a duty. Not only do I get to serve my country with integrity, service, and excellence, but I can serve others and Christ with the same values.  To me, it’s a win-win situation.  To be a leader is to serve others before yourself with the same quality you want others to serve the ones you love.



RRJ:  In what ways does your faith shine through you?


Charnelle:  I believe in treating people the way you want to be treated...always.  I remember that God loves and cares for everyone.  I remember how God forgives me for my wrongs and that everyone deserves to be loved and forgiven.  Therefore, no matter what job I’m doing, I endeavor to treat people with love, respect, dignity, and to pray for and forgive all people.  As I serve others and volunteer my time and talent in several ways, I pray that I’m making a positive impact in the community and am a meaningful influence on the next generation.



RRJ:  What’s the most important part for sharing the Good News with others?


Charnelle:  The most important part is spending eternity with the Father, but also knowing that life is better with Christ than without Him.  We all suffer things or have challenges, but Jesus offers so much hope and peace on earth right now.  I believe God wants us to have an abundant life and to carry out His plan and our destiny for our lives on the earth.  We must remember that God connects people together to carry out His will; therefore, we must obey God and share the Good News with others to spread the gospel throughout the world. 



RRJ:  What advice can you give our readers for living for Christ outside of the church walls?


Charnelle:  I encourage others to get the spiritual training, insight, teaching, and support of your local church, but also live your life for Christ everywhere else.  I believe we are equipped by the Holy Spirit and the church to live life out loud, meaning apply what you learn.  Apply the principles of the Bible and do good works towards others that glorify the Father in heaven. Do not be just a hearer of the Word, but be a doer of the Word.  Seek to please God in mind, body, and soul.  Obey the Word of God, repent if you fall short, and continue on your journey.  Show love and pray for others often because life is short.  When you live for God, you live without regrets! 



Major Charnelle Joiner has been married to Tony for 26 years and they are active members of Gospel Tabernacle Church in Montgomery. The Joiners have three children:  Amanda, 24, Veronica, 21, and Sean, 12.


Photo by Michael Moorer Photography.

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