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The Best Gift Ever

Written by  Kemi Searcy
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Years ago I went to a local mall on an errand, when a beautiful, rich, pink, name-brand dress captured my attention. I immediately could see one of my daughters in it. She will really look so gorgeous in this I thought! Unfortunately, I didn’t have enough money on me. I returned weeks later to purchase the dress, only to find it was sold out. I had to special order it and by the time I got the outfit, I had not only paid for the exorbitant cost of the name-brand dress, but also the cost of shipping. Yet, when I anticipated her joy as I gave it to her at Christmas, the cost seemed worth it.


Everything God created supports the fact that His intention is for you to enjoy the best gift ever, the gift of life. In fact, He says, “My purpose is to give them a rich and satisfying life” (John 10:10 NLT). He created Adam and Eve in His own image and likeness, very well endowed with awesome intelligence, beauty, and glory – second only to God, Himself.


God did not house the man and woman in a shack, but in a splendid, well-planned garden. The rivers and streams flowing through it provided handsome scenery for their viewing pleasure. It also served to foster rich cultivation. Every food created was with careful intention to stimulate their appetites.


I believe the main purpose of food is to nourish the soul and to promote growth, but food is also very delicious!  Why do apples, bananas, mangos, even veggies and meat taste so good? It is because God has your pleasure in mind.


He has displayed many wonders to please us. Take time to gaze at the stars, the moon, the oceans, the mountains, and the flowers that bloom in each season. What awesome wonders greet us each day! What is even more amazing is the fact that they were created for our delight!


God also gave us the joy of relationships with other people. Human relationships were God’s idea. In the beginning, Adam was alone. God took one good look at lonely Adam and commented that it was not good for him to be alone. He determined to make someone suitable for him. (See Genesis 2:18) Eve was then created and brought to Adam so they might live, love, work, and enjoy the wonders of creation together. Think about the joy of relationships, even with all of their ups and downs, yet we cannot survive without people in this life.


God’s given us so much and He expects us to appreciate and enjoy what He worked to provide us. However, so many recipients of these gifts are insensitive and unappreciative.


Let me share the rest of the story about the special dress I bought for my daughter. It was hard for me to hide my excitement the day the shipment arrived, just a few days before Christmas. I had it nicely wrapped and presented it with great enthusiasm on Christmas morning. My daughter unwrapped the gift. I waited expectantly for her to gasp in excitement, like I did when I first set my eyes on the outfit. To my amazement she just said quietly, “Oh.”  She dropped it on the chair behind her, along with all the other gifts. I was hurt, considering the high cost of the outfit and the time I spent getting it. 


I am sure most of you can identify with the disappointment I felt. You probably can remember giving a gift to someone and yet did not receive so much as a “thank you.” Like me, you were left to wonder whether they appreciated it at all.


We have the same nature as God does, for when He gives us a gift, He sits back to see our reaction. He looks for the expression on our face to see how happy we are with the gift we have received. God is happy to see us happy and delights in seeing us exude with joy and excitement over the gifts He gives us. He is disappointed when we remain bitter, whiny...seeking for more and more like spoil brats.


Voltaire said, “God gave us the gift of life, it is up to us to give ourselves the gift of living well.”



Here are some keys to live our gift of life well:


1.  Learn to be appreciative of life.


2.  Don’t allow what you don’t have to stop you from enjoying what you do have.


3.  Remember a day lost in depression can never be regain.



 People will share holiday greetings this Christmas saying, “Enjoy your holiday,” “Enjoy your Christmas,” “Enjoy your meal,”  “Enjoy your evening,” etc.

But I say to you, Sister, “Enjoy Your Life!”





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