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House of Hope 12: Feeding the Hopeless with the Love of Christ

Written by  Ashley Sherlock
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I knew that the Lord was leading me to culinary school. I didn’t know that would lead me to go out and serve the less fortunate and build the ministry I now have.”



Four years ago, Tammy Butts and her husband Ronnie began sharing God’s love through devotions, prayer and Bible studies at the Metro County Jail. This, plus Tammy’s culinary background, were the gateways for Tammy and Ronnie to begin their ministry in the community of Prattville, where they now witness to and serve those who cannot afford a hot meal.


“Our hope is to reach out to a community of incarcerated, homeless, abused and hopeless people to let them know they are loved through the body of Christ.”


Tammy has been ministering in jails and rehab facilities to women who don’t understand that outside those walls is where they belong. Because of her ministry, Tammy has had the chance to open the door for incarcerated women to be discipled on how to live in today’s society and to learn that they are loved by Jesus.


“Some of my favorite success stories are seeing people come to know the body of Christ, whether it be through a hot meal, through prayer, visitations, Bible studies or devotions. I have come to know people over the past four years since House of Hope 12 has been open that have truly blessed me in my walk.”


As these women who are reached by Tammy complete their sentences, many of them want to serve others in House of Hope.The ministry is open a few days out of every month for prayer, serving and feeding.


“I have seen women turn their lives around and walk with the Lord since this ministry has been started.”


House of Hope 12 serves food on holidays, but also every third Saturday at 10 a.m., and they have begun a prayer time every third Monday at 5:30 p.m.


Since its beginning, House of Hope 12 has grown to serve more than 100 individuals in need of a hot meal. In the future, Tammy says she and her husband would like to disciple both women and men through this ministry.


“Our hopes and plans are to be able to bring people into the ministry and lead Bible studies, prayer and devotions to a lost world. Some people just need some hope in their lives. So many want to just give up and don’t have any reason to live, but there is hope. Thats where House of Hope 12 comes in.”


House of Hope 12 is in need of funds to cover their power and phone bills, copy paper and ink, and food for their food pantry. House of Hope 12 will also happily accept prayers and volunteers to lead a Bible study or devotion, take a meal into the community and help pass out fliers.


“This is a ministry outside the walls of the church,” says Tammy, “and we need help getting the word out so people will know they have a place to go where they’re loved. By taking food into the community and sharing a devotion with someone, we are opening the door of hope.”


To learn more about House of Hope 12 and how you can help, visit their website at



A Florida native, Ashley Sherlock moved to Montgomery to pursue a degree in English. She now coordinates events for an independently owned bookstore in Thomasville, Georgia. She enjoys books, the outdoors, and all things whimsical.



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