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Stop Procrastinating...Get On With It!

Written by  Kemi Searcy
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Maybe you can relate to Craig from the UK. He wrote in a blog, “I bought a book called 52 Steps To Defeating Procrastination. I’ve still never read it - it was over 10 years ago, and I’m not even sure where it is now.” 


Almost everyone will choose to procrastinate about something sometime, for various reasons. Some of these reasons may be things beyond our control; some may come out of forgetfulness; other times we just simply don’t want to tackle the issue at that time. All of these reasons demonstrate just how human we are.


Chronic procrastinators habitually put off what needs to be done today for tomorrow, and when tomorrow comes, they again determine to put the same task off for the next tomorrow. Even if they accomplish the assignment on one of those tomorrows, it merely means that the task finally took precedence over what might have been accomplished on that day. No one succeeds or progresses if they are a habitual procrastinator.   


Kathleen J. Shields said, “Tomorrow is a mystical land where 99% of all human achievement is stored.” This is a strong indictment against procrastination! Another poignant quote, “Tomorrow is a place in the sky where wishes and dreams go to die.” I wonder how many dreams we have had over our lifetime that never came to life because we pushed the cost of engaging them from today to tomorrow.


To maximize our potential in life we must see procrastination as a formidable enemy “of whom you cannot fellowship.” We must war against it vehemently.


What would you do if someone approached you on an alley and tried to snatch your purse, yet you know you are capable of tackling and stopping the perpetrator from robbing you? I believe you will put on the fight of your life to foil the robber’s assault. Why, then, do we sit by addled and do nothing with procrastination? We must realize procrastination is a subtle thief that robs us of our greatness.   


With your eyes closed, think about the promotion you missed because you put off making an important call, or delayed delivering a report. How different might life have been for you, if you had taken ample time to do the business plan, or to write the book that needs written?  You may have blamed others for your lack of progress, but in your heart of hearts, you know it was you who didn’t deliver.


God has invested greatly in you, and He’s expecting you to do and be so much. Yet there is a time limit to see the opportunity accomplished. So kick procrastination to the curb and get on with it!




1. Learned behavior. No one was born a procrastinator. For the most part, it is a learned behavior derived from an undisciplined, relaxed upbringing, or bucking authority from a strong, authoritarian parent or tutors.

2. Fear of failure.  Anxiety to take on a task can make us want to put a task off to another time. One type of anxiety is the fear that we may not succeed.

3. Feeling of being overwhelmed. Chronic procrastinators become drained quickly by the size of a project, and their natural inclination is to put it off.

4. Laziness. Laziness is synonymous with procrastination, and is the leading cause of it. Laziness is so detrimental to our progress that God has much to say about it. See Proverbs 6:6-11; Ecclesiastes 11:4; Proverbs 26:13-15; or Proverbs 12:24.   

5. Indecision. If you have developed a habit for this trait, you need to wage war, not with the devil, but with your own self to shed this harmful behavior. Indecisiveness about life, and the path and purposes for success could have you going in circles. When you finally get to the goal, you might not know where you are.




1. Keep Destiny in View. As Christians we must live God-focused lives, being aware that we are here for a specific assignment with an expiration date attached. Knowing this will help us get on task quickly and with the precision that destiny demands of us. Study the life of Jesus and the Apostle Paul.

2. Plan Things Out. Approach life with ease. Work out your daily plan in bite-sized pieces, refusing to be stressed, and trusting God for fruitful results.

3. Don’t Live in Denial. Seeing the problem, accepting responsibility, taking the steps necessary for change, and asking God for help in overcoming is the way to go.


Beloved, you are destined for something grand. Stop procrastinating and get on with it!



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