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Refuse to be Distracted

Written by  Kemi Searcy
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There is a billboard between my house and my place of work that reads, “Don’t drive distracted.” I have to admit that the billboard reminds me of what happened a few years back. I was driving to meet a friend for lunch one sunny day when I suddenly remembered an important phone call I had forgotten to make. I immediately stretched to reach my back seat where I had left my cell phone. I took my eyes off the road for just a few seconds. Immediately I heard a loud bang; I had crashed into the car in front of me. My truck was bashed in, and the car I hit badly damaged. Thank God no one was hurt physically, but the damage to my wallet was ginormous.


Distraction is very detrimental to life, both physically and spiritually. I could have killed the people I hit as well as myself, and cut short our spiritual assignments. We are all on a journey driving through life, so it will serve us well to keep focused and attentive to the road ahead, in order to avoid possible collision.   


Paul told the Corinthians that he had the intention to present them as a pure bride to their bridegroom, the Lord Jesus Christ. But Paul said he was afraid that just as the snake had deceived Eve, the Corinthians’ minds would be led astray from a sincere devotion to Christ. (See 2 Corinthians 11:1-3.) 


Why was the apostle so unsure about the faith of the Corinthian believers? Could it be that what Paul had hoped to see about their walk with Christ and their zeal for the kingdom was not what he was seeing?  What made him feel like they were being deceived?


Adam and Eve lived focused lives. They communed with God in the garden daily, fulfilling their ordained assignments. Satan became enraged out of envy, because they were experiencing the intimacy with God he had once enjoyed. Looking for a means to break their fellowship, Satan came up with a plan to distract man’s attention from his Creator.


He presented the “bait” in Genesis 3. Eve and her hubby took the bait, tainting their wholehearted devotion to Christ, losing their innocence, and their trust in God. They began to find the means of self-preservation. Yet the best mankind can do without his Creator is use human means to cover up the problems. Adam and Eve did this by sewing leaves.


God has a specific assignment for you to carry out to completion. Satan fights to distract you from getting done what you were born to do. We must resist distractions at all cost, because someone else’s victory is contingent on you saying yes to God’s call on your life. Someone’s breakthrough depends on your prayer, but you have to live to say the prayer and refuse to be distracted!


Ways the Enemy Distracts Us


1. Mind Wars

Beware of what you accept in your mind as thoughts. A thought could be an enemy distraction. Satan is a master of bombarding our minds with inordinate and un-wholesome thoughts in an attempt to defile, hinder, and block us from progress. Have you ever tried to pray only to find your mind roaming everywhere? Or have you tried to read the Word only to wake up an hour later with your Bible serving as your pillow? Most of the root causes of the anger, bitterness, unforgivingness that we deal with originate in our uncontrolled thought lives.


2. Cares of this World

Lack of daily life necessities can be a major distraction. Jesus says to not worry about anything but to trust Him. Someone has wisely said to trust God as if it all depends on Him, work as if it all depends on you, and leave the outcome to God. 


3. Spirit of Entertainment

In the past we used our phone to either make a call or to answer one. We used to wait to get on our computers at home or at work. But now everything we need is in the palm of our hands – from voice mail to games – from texts to movies. Don’t be overly indulged by the spirit of entertainment.


How to Stay Focused


Nehemiah 6:1- 5 describes how Nehemiah’s team rebuilt the wall around Jerusalem in 52 days, despite serious opposition. They did this by resisting distractions.  


Here are some suggestions for you to remain focused:


1.Take an inventory of your life, doing away with all unproductive activity.


2. Determine to fulfill your specific purpose in life.   


3. Refuse to live a scattered life. Instead, live intentionally.


Always remember that the Holy Spirit is willing to assist you in your weakness. He can help you remain focused. Just open your heart to His aid.



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