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Celebrating the Holy Spirit

Written by  Kemi Searcy
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I sat on my bed on the morning of June 5th, reminiscing on the great outpouring of the Holy Spirit during our church service the previous day. I felt the sensations of joy, love, and peace wrapped around me like a thick warm blanket, with the comforting weight of His glory. The worship experience was in itself really awesome as we sang, worshiped, and expressed adoration to the one true God. I could see the glory of the Lord on people’s faces, as tears ran down many cheeks.  It didn’t surprise me to see such an incredible level of glory, because the Holy Spirit has always graced us with His presence.


What surprised me was when the preacher walked up on the podium and announced that it was Pentecost Sunday. I thought to myself, How come I didn’t hear about it till now? We celebrate all types of holidays to honor mothers, veterans, fathers, valentines, and independence. The 4th of July celebration tops the chart of all commemorations, with parades, cookouts, concerts, family reunions, and elaborate fireworks that salute our founding fathers. We pay tribute to the countless number of brave men and women who fought and died to maintain our freedoms. We are forever in debt to these selfless people. No amount of adulation is equal to their ultimate sacrifices.   


But while we praise these heroes, most neglect the One Person we should praise the most – the precious Holy Spirit.  He is the One who inspired, empowered, and propelled our heroes into action to make the ultimate freedoms we enjoy! The Holy Spirit is the architect of all things beautiful and profitable. If we think to bless others, He has inspired those thoughts. If we desire to create anything to advance humanity, He has stirred those feelings. If we are provoked to fight in defense of others, He has quickened our hearts to do so. It is He who ignites us to love others, and even gives us the grace to love the unlovable.


He gives us mothers the creativity needed to balance the countless hats we wear.  He creates in us an unconditional love for those rebellious children, and a deep love for an undeserving husband.  It is the Holy Spirit who props us up when we are weak and feel like giving up.  He’s been the wind beneath our sail, and the comforter in times of sorrow. He checks us when we are ready to use our tongue the wrong way, and He reminds us where our keys are when we can’t find them. He’s been there even in the minor details of our lives.  Above all, He is the One who exposes Christ to our hearts so that we can accept Jesus’ gift of salvation.  The only reason we know and love Jesus is because of the Holy Spirit!  Not to celebrate such a Helper is a detriment to our wellbeing!


Introducing the C.O.O.


The Holy Spirit is the Third Person in the Godhead. There is God the Father, God the Son (known as Jesus), and God the Holy Spirit – all three persons live within the Godhead. All are one and the same in personality and attributes, but are separate in function or role. You can look at God the Father as a CEO of a corporation – the One who gives the directives. The Son, Jesus Christ, is the Administrator as He carries out the instructions of the Father. The Holy Spirit is the (C.O.O.) Chairman of Operations, who brings into action the performance of the Son. God says, “Let there be light!” Jesus flips the switch. Holy Spirit ignites the power. And there is light.


These Persons of the Godhead were first introduced to the world in Genesis 1:26, and later referred to in John 1:1-5, Matthew 3:16, and Acts 10:38.


At the end of Jesus’ ministry, He said to His disciples that it was for their good that He went away, because as God-Man he was limited…He could only be at one place at a time, ministering to a single person or a group. But the Holy Spirit was sent to be with us individually, almost like our own personal “God” at our disposal at any given moment, and Jesus said this was far more profitable for us because He can minister to everyone simultaneously. The Holy Spirit’s role is to guide, lead, teach, convict, encourage, comfort, and to bring people into the worthy place prepared for them.


May I introduce to you my best friend, the Holy Spirit?



Knowing the Holy Spirit


1. Ask Him to reveal himself to you.

2. Study Him. See Luke 24:49, Acts 2:1-5, Acts 10:38, Acts 16:6-10, Acts 19:2 1 Corinthians 12:3.

3. Live in a perpetual Pentecost experience.


Let’s not miss this holy-day! Celebrate the Holy Spirit!


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