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S.K.I.P. Saving Kids of Incarcerated Parents

Written by  Ashley Sherlock
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For more than 30 years, S.K.I.P. (Save Children of Incarcerated Parents) Incorporated has been advocating for children of incarcerated parents and their families. S.K.I.P.’s research and experience have indicated that the highest achieving students are those who are supported by their families, schools and communities. S.K.I.P. Incorporated’s vision is that children across the United States have the opportunity to become self-reliant, strong and healthy adults.

“S.K.I.P has a heart for children in our community, who by circumstances beyond their control do not have the kind of positive support in their lives to guide them to make good life choices.”


S.K.I.P. Incorporated was founded by Mrs. Gloria Jean Canty-Williams. When Gloria was assisting a research study with the Hillsborough County Study Commission for Children of Tampa, Florida, she noticed that there were no services for children of incarcerated parents anywhere in the nation. Thus began S.K.I.P., and today, S.K.I.P. Inc. has chapters in Georgia and Michigan, with Alabama serving as its headquarters. It is Gloria’s dream that she and the organization will make a remarkable difference in the lives of children everywhere.


S.K.I.P. Inc. focuses on public awareness, advocacy, collaboration and research. S.K.I.P. uses research to communicate relevant facts for program improvements, as well as proposed public policy and legislation affecting children of incarcerated parents using its public awareness campaigns.


“Helping people to know and understand what is at stake and what we can do about it is essential to creating change and moving this effort forward.”


S.K.I.P. Inc. is future-orirented. Its representatives realize that the children they are helping will be the nation’s workforce, consumers and community leaders. S.K.I.P. representatives are committed to speaking on behalf of these children to ensure that the state policies for children of incarcerated parents are child friendly.


“We must protect these valuable assets and create an environment in which they may develop their character, minds and spirits to become self-reliant and sustainable adults.”


S.K.I.P. uses programs that are comprehensive, modular and customizable, such as family fun nights, S.K.I.P. Saturdays, and a photography program. In each of these programs and others that S.K.I.P. offers, there are integrated values and principles like counseling, coaching, career development and social education and enrichment.


One example of how S.K.I.P. Inc. is preparing children for a better future is ten-year-old Kandyce. When she was ten, Kandyce’s mother was incarcerated, so Kandyce lived with her father and stepmother. Unfortunately, Kandyce didn’t want to live with her stepmother and began fighting with peers at school and receiving failing grades in class.


Enter the S.K.I.P. program, and Kandyce was given a peer mentor who helped her be able to improve her grades and her attitude. When Kandyce was 13 years old, her mother was released from prison and Kandyce could live with her again. She has even expressed an interest in becoming a S.K.I.P. peer mentor herself.


To learn more about S.K.I.P. Incorporated and how you can get involved or make a donation, visit


A Florida native, Ashley Sherlock made the transition to Alabama to pursue a degree in English. She has a passion for the written word, an affinity for the outdoors, a love for people, and a desire for the Lord.




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