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Recapturing the Joy of Motherhood

Written by  Kemi Searcy
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Once the New York Timeswas asked to help a group of club women decide on the twelve greatest women in the United States. After due consideration, the editors replied, “The twelve greatest women in the United States are women who have never been heard of outside of their own homes.”


Mothering is one of the most selfless and most important services one can render to society. While mothering has its endless challenges, it also offers some of the most fulfilling emotions a human being can experience.


Being a mother is not an easy task to say the least. Expectant “radiant” mothers go through the roughest times imaginable. The body changes with a growing sensitivity to countless things including smells, textures, and temperature. Eating becomes difficult. They can experience problems keeping their eyes open one moment and being unable to sleep well the next. Then, the weight gain kicks in. Conflicting emotions perpetrate the minds of expectant mothers. They can feel ill-equipped to be a parent, yet anxiously count down to the day of delivery. Oh, the delivery!  What mother will dare to forget the pain and agony of pushing a baby out into this world?


The difficult sleepless nights associated with brand new babies begins, along with the endless feedings, diaper changes, etc. Yet, if that was all motherhood entailed, it could be bearable. The responsibility for the wellbeing of this tender individual you helped bring into the world falls greatly on your shoulders, from the cradle to the grave.


Have you ever heard the saying “once a mother always a mother”?  This adage is so true. While we know that mothers will not spoon-feed their children the rest of their lives, the emotional cares for a mother’s children continues forever. The art of mothering is not an easy task. Kudos to all mothers past, present, and future.


As laborious as mothering tends to be, if we focus all of our attention on the difficult aspects of it, we will miss the blessed experience. The Creator affords us an awesome opportunity to co-partner with Him in the work of creation. This aspect of motherhood is pure joy.


According to His design, mothers actually work in partnership with God in the incubating and the nurturing of life. Parent educator Elaine Heffner said, “The art of mothering is to teach the art of living to children.”


It was within the perfect plan of God that you became His model to His little people to show them who the Father is, and what He expects of them. This helps them learn how to live full and productive lives here on Earth and the world to come.


This is the greatest assignment, and the greatest honor bestowed upon us and we ought to discharge our duties with pleasure, making it count.


Here are a few principles to help you focus in the right direction.


“Looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith; who for the joy that was set before him endured the cross, despising the shame, and is sat down at the right hand of the throne of God”(Hebrews 12:12).


1. Focus on the joy.

You may be pregnant right now, struggling to keep food down. Instead of kicking, screaming and cursing your husband, meditate on the beautiful life forming inside of you, connected with you in every way. Feeling his heartbeat is so awesome! Think about the day you will get to hold her, your very own. There are no words in the dictionary worthy enough to describe these feelings. You will have a special child to love and cherish for all of eternity. How priceless! Zeroing in on the joy has the power to minimize the stress we experience.


2. Focus on the opportunity to affect destiny.

Take the focus off the current problem for a minute and consider your child’s future.  Realize that you alone, with all of your imperfections, have been chosen to shape and mold this child. You have been selected to train them for the destiny God has specifically for them.  You have the amazing privilege of helping mold them into who they will become.


3. Focus on the blessing your child is.

My mother didn’t have much material worth. I remember the difficulty she had to provide for my sibling and me, but I also remember the joy we brought her. As adults, we were blessed to supply her material needs in many ways. The joy and the pride in her eyes spoke volumes when we visited her. Your child may not be acting right this minute, but be encouraged. Focus on the joy that they are. God’s got their number! He’s working it all out.


Mom, you are doing an awesome job!





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