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What Makes a Woman "Phenomenal"

Written by  Kemi Searcy
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What makes a lady to be considered “phenomenal”?  Is it the one with a sassy personality? A fine stature?  A beautiful face?  A cut above the rest of us?


Maya Angelou’s famous poem about the phenomenal woman was beautiful in character and physique; perfectly synchronized in the way only Maya could pen. Jesus’ idea of an astounding person is the one with an impressive, uncommon, and extraordinary personality. Such a lady can take up difficult challenges and see them to completion. She is not passive, but burns with the passion and zeal that reflects in everything she does.


This woman loves her God and neighbor. She knows her wealth and plans accordingly. She is not confused as to who she is, or whose she is. She cannot be easily swayed or silenced.  She is kind, generous, forgiving, and hardworking. Her care for her family and loved ones is matchless. 


“Lady Extraordinaire” seeks the will and purposes of God for her life, discharging those duties with the best of her abilities. She does so in her quest to please her Lord. She endeavors to live according to the tenets of her faith daily.


Let’s look a little closer at three primary traits in the great catalog of what the phenomenal woman must possess.


1. Love and Endurance

Chapter 8 in the Book of Luke describes Jesus traveling with his disciples to towns and villages in his preaching tours. Among his entourage were some women, some who were formerly demon-possessed, sick, and troubled. They had been redeemed and were full of love for Jesus, becoming Jesus’ most faithful, phenomenal women extraordinaire! Their passion and zeal for the Lord propelled them to follow Him everywhere the ministry took Him.


You have to understand the culture of the day to fully comprehend the difficulty and the challenges involved in such mission.Remember, these women lived in an era where there were no airplanes, greyhound buses, taxis, etc. Only the well-to-do traveled on horseback, by camel, or in buggies. Jesus and his disciples didn’t have a lot of money; therefore they traveled mostly on foot.  


Let your imagination run wild for a minute, and come on a short journey with me.


We are on foot scaling the mountains, crossing the rivers, hills, and valleys from Nazareth to Bethlehem (70 miles) and back (another 70 miles). Last month’s trip took us from Nazareth to Jerusalem, a 240-mile round trip. We are extremely hot, facing 120 degrees Fahrenheit in summer. The high heat is magnified as you are experiencing your monthly cycle. The dirt and sand is gritty against your skin, making your clothes uncomfortable. You need a bathroom break but the scraggly bushes don’t offer much privacy. There are no fast-food restaurants, and the water you brought in your skin is almost spent. To ease your weary body and tend to your needs, you have to wait to get to a wooded, grassy area; it could take hours to get to such a location. And the problem with places where vegetation grows, there are hideouts for bandits and killers.


How difficult was a trip like that for a woman?  How happy would you have been on such a mission trip? Mary and company followed Jesus in those harsh conditions with joy! They were steadfast and enduring, staying watch at his tomb and continuing to weep when everyone else left! Those were phenomenal devoted followers!


2. Generosity and Self-Sacrifice

Not only did these women follow Jesus joyfully, they also took care of His material needs. They supplied the needs that arose in the ministry, giving their wealth to the One they loved. Many of these women had the means to live in comfortable houses, but knew a greater comfort traveling with their Savior. What phenomenal philanthropists!


3. Integrity and Humility 

As difficult as the travel may have been on Mary and her company, they did not complain. They were not in the forefront like the twelve disciples, yet they were content to be in the kingdom. The “brothers” contended at times for power among the disciples and had to be scolded often. But you never heard Jesus scolding any of his girls! They kept their integrity, happy to serve Jesus and the disciples in modest ways. There were no strings attached to their acts of love. What phenomenal servants they were!


Do you fit the bill, Sister? It’s not the swagger in our walk or the diploma on our wall that defines us as “awesome.”  We need to take some pointers from these ladies from the Middle East long ago. 


Can you be considered a phenomenal woman? If not, let today be a game changer for you. Don’t settle for average!




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