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Mia Mothershed Marketing Director Health Services, Inc.

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RRJ:  Your faith became real during college as you got involved in campus ministries. What was different about that environment and how did your faith change?


Mia:  As a child, church was instilled in me by my grandmother. She was a pianist for two churches and would travel between the two on Sundays with myself and my siblings in tow. When I was eleven she died and I didn’t get back to church until I got my driver’s license.  I would drive myself and was baptized at the age of 17. 

Joining the Baptist Campus Ministries on the campus of Alabama A&M University taught me that faith is walked out daily not just a Sunday experience. Listening and sharing testimonies helped me to see God in all things. It was then that I began to ask God for direction and intentionally look for is gracious hand in my life. 


RRJ:  Life definitely does change from our youth to college experiences, but it changes almost as dramatically after college when we enter the “real world”.  Did you feel threatened after college to dial back your faith?


Mia:  Most definitely. My first job after college was as a News Producer, and in that roll, one does not interject their opinion or belief into the “news.”  You write the story and hope the anchor, coupled with great video footage, tells the factual story.  The only thing that mattered was, “Is this a story” and “Do we have an available cameraman?”

My faith and/or belief was not a factor.  It wasn’t until I decided that I was going with God, no matter what, that I began to live out loud and I haven’t once looked back. 


RRJ:  Now, as the Marketing Director for Health Services, Inc. it would seem you have found a place that is in line with your Christian convictions. Is that true?


Mia:  Hands down, without a doubt, yes! I still tell the Lord, thank you, every day I pull into my reserved parking space. (Lol) Not just for the parking space, though I’m grateful for that as well, but because I get to be a part of a team that is dedicated to making lives better, one patient at a time. 

My first Executive Team meeting, I remember praying before I got to the conference room, then realizing as I sat down, that the first item on the agenda was prayer.  The easiest thing in the world is submitting to Leadership that is submitting to the will of God. It makes for a great work day!


RRJ:  Does that mean living out your “Faith @ Work” is easy? How do you live out your faith in the marketplace?


Mia:  No, not at all. It doesn’t mean it’s easy, just that it is possible. I absolutely believe my place of employment is an answer to my prayer. I’ve learned to be specific in my requests to God. It may sound silly, but working in places were living out my faith was extremely hard taught me to be specific. 

Now I’m able to collaborate daily with equally yoked individuals. We walk out our mission to provide access to affordable health and wellness services to all individuals regardless of their station in life. I get to be a blessing every day to someone who doesn’t even know I exist. That is powerful.


RRJ:  There are no Super Christians.  We only live out our faith through the power and resources given to us by God.  How are you tapping into that power on a regular basis?


Mia:  My husband and I joke all the time about being “Nestea Plunge” Christians.  Remember, the old commercial from the 80s, where people blindly fall back into a pool of water because the tea is so refreshing. We literally just fall back on Jesus every day. I know it comes from those faith building moments in our lives, where we have blindly stepped out in obedience, and He has provided. We also pray for those moments in our children’s lives and are quick to point them out so that they too will live a life sensitive to the Holy Spirit.

RRJ:  You and some of your friends started a weekly radio program Thursdays on WVAS 90.7.  Can you tell us the goal behind that ministry?


Mia:  The goal of Hearts and Heels is to have everyday conversations with a Godly perspective.  We show men and women that Christians are not perfect reflections of God, but grace and mercy seeking individuals who have to daily ask for forgiveness and intentionally live to make God smile. 

The show is an example of one of those stepping out in obedience moments.  Lady Shae Robinson, the first lady of True Worship Church (my church), had been given a witty idea (Proverbs 8:12), then a dream of the three of us hosting a radio show. 

Over lunch, she began to reveal what she had been given, and Arnesha immediately stopped her and said God had given her a name for a women’s ministry, but she was not sure what the ministry was for until that very moment. Hearts and Heels was born, over lunch at a fast food restaurant.  God had not given me a vision directly tied to the radio ministry, but as it began I realized my radio and television knowledge was tied to the logistics of the show.  It has been an amazing journey.


RRJ:  Finally, I know someone is reading this interview and is discouraged about continuing to follow Jesus. What would you say to encourage them to keep on in the faith and rest in the love of God?


Mia:  My answer to your question is going to seem unusual.  It is not the typical “encouragement response”, generalized to fit every person’s situation.  I feel so strongly that the answer is for a certain person reading this story. To Her I say...

I heard a story of how Bushmen find water in scarce times.  The Bushmen prey on the baboons’ love of salt.  They take a rock of salt and put it in a hole. The baboon comes along and reaches in the hole for the salt. In grabbing the salt, its hand makes a fist, making it impossible to remove its hand without letting go of the salt.

Inevitably, the baboon is caught by the Bushmen and thrown into a cage. They continue to give the baboon salt until it is parched and thirsty.  They then release it and follow the baboon as it rushes to the nearest water source. They drink until full!

I say this as humbly as possible: identify the areas in your life where you represent the baboon.  What are you holding on to that is keeping your “joy” trapped?  Whether it is a situation, addiction, relationship, etc. lay it before the throne of God.  Begin to pray daily for the ability to let go and surrender it/them to God. 

I know God will show Himself mighty in your situation. This is just the beginning of the building of your faith. When the next joy stealer moment comes, be quick to recognize, release and watch God work. Soon you too will be a “Nestea Plunge” Christian.  I am rooting for you and know that you are already blessed from your “heart to your heels!”



Mia Mothershed earned her BA degree in Telecommunications from Alabama A&M University and moved to Montgomery to start her career as a Communications Specialist at Regions Mortgage, Inc. Her passion for service led her to Health Services, Inc. where she currently serves as the Marketing Director. Mia is a member of many professional organizations in Montgomery and gives of her time to many community causes. Her highest calling is being the wife of a Montgomery Firefighter and the mother of two wonderful children, Roman (11) and Carter Symone’ (8).




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