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Celebrating Your Femininity

Written by  Kemi Searcy
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Today’s woman faces a tremendous identity crisis. Many want to be something other than what they are. In my years of ministry I have encountered a fair number of people who are women biologically but desire to be men. Others don’t want to be men necessarily, but do not embrace their femininity. I have a burden for women to learn how very valuable and astounding the qualities are that God has placed within them.


When the Bible says that we are fearfully and wonderfully made as humans, it’s quite evident that God took ample time creating His baby girls! We are the last born of His creation, made beautiful with all the right curves in all the right places. He graced us with intelligence, sensitivity, radiance, and elegance.


It is imperative that we celebrate our unique qualities and rejoice in who we are as women, showing appreciation to our creator God. We should cherish the work of His hands, and be thankful for the many attributes He placed in us. Each one of us are one of a kind, a masterpiece. No one has another woman’s DNA, making you unique in all of creation. These facts alone call for a celebration! 


While it may be true that you may have a thing or two to improve on for the future, that does not diminish your current worth. While you move forward, you should concentrate on the countless blessings you bring to the world around you. If you don’t accept who God says you are, the enemy and society will tell you who you are not.


Some of the lies we have believed about ourselves are: “You are too emotional;” “You are the weaker sex;” ”You must appear to be more in control and masculine.” Do you stop to consider that God may have made you more emotional than your male counterpart for a reason? Your emotional disposition is one of the major attributes that make you tick. With it, you feel, emote, connect, and are able to foster intimate relationships, as the relational being God wired you to be. 


Yes, emotions can get out of control. Whenever you feel this may be true, work to bring it into proper alignment, but do not try to be who you weren’t meant to be.

Here are Some Ways to Overcome Identity Crisis:


1. Embrace God’s work of grace in your life.  When you agree with God as to who you are, you begin to get acquainted with yourself, and are then empowered by that knowledge to overcome the attacks that aim at your identity.


2.  Capitalize on your positive qualities.  Be comfortable in who you are and your particular qualities, If you do not, when you are challenged or faced with discrimination in the workplace, you will quickly exchange your femininity – your greatest asset encapsulated within you – for masculinity, in an attempt to gain respect and success.


3.  Do things in your unique way.  In the Old Testament, there are many instances where women used their God-given gifts to affect not only their own lives, but the lives of many others. Let’s look at two:


Judge Deborah succeeded in leading an entire nation to victory by tapping into God’s gifts and grace in her life. While she accomplished these feats, she remained herself, performing her duties in the way she knew to be best for the way God had made her. 


What Queen Esther did to obtain victory for her people was nothing short of spiritual warfare! She had to face a king who hadn’t been welcoming to her for a season. She could have chosen to approach him in all kinds of ways and demeanor, but she knew she and her people faced a real enemy and a real threat of annihilation. She knew how spiritual battles were waged, and could have used all types of methods. She chose to be herself – the way God had made her. After she had fasted and prayed, she used her feminine grace, intuition, and wisdom to bring down the most dangerous man in that realm.


You don’t have to become someone else to reach your goal. Allow your feminine self to shine. Use the tools God has given to you. They are readily available and will bring Him glory as you do!  

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