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He-Man Ministries: Eternal Fitness Through Missions

Written by  Ashley Sherlock
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In 2013, HE-man Ministries founder Todd Carmichael felt like it was time to leave his restaurant career and pursue international and domestic missions, ultimately leading to the creation of HE-man Ministries. 


Todd didn’t want to leave his successful career without being “all in” to start HE-man Ministries. Once he decided that he couldn’t do this with “one foot in the boat and the other out,” he felt like God had given him peace to go ahead and begin this journey.


Part of this calling that Todd felt meant that he would need to go back to school. He wanted to be as equipped as possible before going into sports and nutrition ministry. So, at the age of 47, Todd registered for classes to become a certified fitness trainer through International Sports Sciences Association. He then enrolled in Samford Ministry Training Institute from which he received a diploma in Biblical Studies. He is scheduled to complete the rest of his classes and graduate this summer.


Todd’s passion for missions began in 2002 during his first mission trip. In the eleven years following that trip, Todd grew his passion for international missions by going on short term trips to places like Brazil, India and Nepal.


HE-man Ministries uses sports and fitness as universal languages that help break down cultural, social, religious and economic differences between the volunteers and the natives of the countries they visit. Building relationships with and speaking the truth to unengaged and unreached groups of people on HE-man Ministries’ mission trips is made possible through sports and fitness.


Todd came up with the HE-man platform during his morning workouts at the gym. He would ask other gentlemen if they would be interested in an early-morning Bible study, but most of them worked out in the mornings, which prevented the study from happening. This is what inspired the bridge between the gap. HE-man Ministries would be a ministry that would provide both spiritual and physical fitness opportunities.


“We desire to be an Acts 1:8 ministry, glorifying God in all we do, going and meeting physical needs while always praying for the Holy Spirit to draw the lost to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. Sports provide the opportunity to build relationships in areas that are otherwise difficult to engage, allowing us a viable platform to speak truth into people’s lives through the Gospel.”


 In September 2013 Todd went to Cerquilho, Brazil to teach  American Football Clinics. When he arrived in Cerquiho he learned that the government officials he worked with to set up his trip had been removed from their offices.


Despite this, Todd and a local pastor went to a public junior high school where Todd spoke to the principal about his mission to teach American football and to share Jesus. Even though the original government officials were no longer in office, the principal agreed to let Todd conduct Physical Education classes all day long and at more than one school.


Todd says if he had not been teaching American football, if he had even been teaching soccer or basketball, he would not have been allowed to teach anything in the schools.


“Through the sport of American football I taught 530 junior high kids the basic fundamentals on concrete in a public school setting with the opportunity to share Jesus with these amazing kids after each class.”


Todd was so successful in teaching American football during P.E. that the English teachers began bringing their students to listen to him. Their assignment was to ask him a question in English the next day.


At the end of his time in Cerquilho, each school Todd had been working with had a pep rally. The city superintendent came and said that the week Todd had spent with them was one of the best weeks the students and teachers had ever had and that he would be welcome back anytime.


“During this week I was able to teach American football, build lasting relationships with these kids, pray with them, and most importantly speak truth to them through the Gospel. Twenty students between the schools accepted Jesus that week as their Lord, Savior, best friend, and teammate!”


HE-man Ministries mission trips are typically ten-day trips. They are currently active in South Africa, Brazil and Puerto Rico. To learn more about HE-man Ministries, the mission trips and ways you can be a partner, visit or find the HE-man Ministries Facebook page.


Not everyone can go on mission trips, but there are other ways to help. There are four different levels of monetary giving on the HE-man Ministries website. Each one is per month, but they also welcome one-time donations. HE-man Ministries also encourages you to pray continuously, give till it hurts and go often.


HE-man Ministries, Inc is a 501(c)3 non-profit ministry operated under the accountability of a Board of Directors comprised of Christian men and women with the passion to see the Gospel of Jesus Christ advanced around the globe through sports, nutrition, medical and fitness education.


A Florida native, Ashley Sherlock made the transition to Alabama to pursue a degree in English. She has a passion for the written word, an affinity for the outdoors, a love for people, and a desire for the Lord.



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