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The Power of Giving

Written by  Kemi Searcy
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Have you ever given to someone and felt something powerful in the act? There is power released when we give. I read an amazing story that illustrates perfectly the thoughts in my spirit about what even a small gift has the power to accomplish.


A pastor stood in line at a convenience store. There was a family in line in front of him who did not have enough money to pay for the few items on the counter. The pastor tapped the man on the shoulder, told him to not turn around, but to take the money he offered. The man took the money, never turning around to see his benefactor.


Nine years later the pastor was invited to speak in New Orleans. After the service a man walked up to him. He told the pastor about how he had come to know the Lord.


Years ago, the man and his wife had lost their jobs. They lost their house, had no money, and were living in their car. They made a suicide pact, including their only child in their plans. The parents decided that they should at least give their child some milk and food before they killed themselves. 


While standing in line at the store, they realized they did not have enough money to pay for the few items for their child’s last meal. A man behind them offered money and asked him to please take it from his hand without looking at him. The man also told this family, “Jesus loves you.”


The man shared that they then left the store, drove to a cliff, and wept for the next four hours. In their hearts they knew they could not go through with their suicide plan.  Returning from the cliff they drove by a church with a sign that said “Jesus loves you.” The family went to that church the next Sunday and both parents accepted Christ that very day.


By this time the pastor recognized the incident at the convenience store. But the question remained how the man knew the pastor was the benefactor. The man said that the minute the pastor started speaking he recognized the voice and concluded that it had to be that kind stranger from nine years ago. He would never forget the distinct accent the stranger had. You see, the pastor was from South Africa. The man said that because of this one loving act of giving, three lives were saved that day.  Because the pastor shared that Jesus loved them, they found salvation in Christ.


What a powerful reflection of God the Father! In John 3:16, we have the iconic scripture stating that God loved us so much that He could do nothing but “GIVE” His only begotten son as sacrifice for our sins. 


The most powerful attribute of love is giving!


This month people all over the world are expressing their love to one another. You cannot go into Wal-Mart without seeing the pink and red roses and teddy bears everywhere. Wal-Mart understands that humans express love by giving to one another.


Giving is not just limited to our loved ones. Sometimes we find more fulfillment when we give to someone we do not know.


I read another story of a homeless girl who lived on the streets until she was taken in by a kind family and was given a second chance. She was able to get her GED, a great job, and become a functioning part of society. What is even better about this story is that she took the talents, love and education others had given to her, and went out into those same streets where she used to live to help people. She gives love because love was given to her.


Jesus says that if you give only to those who can return the favor, what then will be your reward? In other words, if you express love with the expectation it will be reciprocated, you already have your reward.


Ask yourself the following questions for this season of love:


• What must be your response to God’s request to give?

• Who are you going to have the opportunity to bless?

• Who in your community needs a hug?


Let’s use February’s theme of love to find local charities, local soup kitchens, and local residents who need the arms, feet, and heart of Christ. Remember the admonishment in Matthew 25:40 telling us that when we help the least of these, we are actually helping Him. 


Ladies, let’s rise up to the challenge of giving and in doing so, make our King proud.


Story source: http://www.city-data.com/forum/christianity/549297-very-touching-story-power-giving.html



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