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Mike Vinson, Owner of Adams Drugs

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RRJ:  Growing up you said you were a church-going straight-laced kid, but not a Christian.  Can you explain the difference?


Mike:  Growing up, I went to Sunday School and church every Sunday with my family.  I was never involved in church activities, so I didn’t feel like it was a big part of my life.  I believed in God and Jesus, but never felt like I was filled with the true spirit of Christianity.  I was a pretty straight-laced kid because I had a father who made sure I behaved.  I was never part of the partying crowd in high school.  I really didn’t have time for it, because all my extra time was filled with sports and athletics. During those years, I had some good coaches that tried to steer me in the right direction. One of those was Lee High School Coach Jim Chafin, who I went to visit out in Texas last year.  He definitely was an influence for good in my life.


RRJ:  God’s uses His children to call home His soon-to-be-children.  That was the role your wife and her family played in your life.  How did God use them to lead you to Him?


Mike:  My wife has one of the kindest hearts I know.  That’s one of the things that attracted me to her.   When I met her family, I saw where she got that sweet spirit. This was a family that lived out their faith everyday in a quiet way.   They went to church and were very active in church, but unfailingly showed compassion to both Christians and non-Christians.  They didn’t judge or discriminate at all, but still had a deep religious faith.  The members of their church accepted me whole-heartedly, loved me, and continually encouraged me.  It was a small church, but I will never forget how those people made me feel.  My wife never pushed me to join the church or to be baptized into her faith.  Her father had a leadership role in the church as an elder.  He was such a positive influence on me as a young man.  I never heard him say an unkind word about anyone.  Later, when he became ill, I never heard him complain.  He was an inspiration to me in living as well as in dying.



RRJ:  As the owner of Adams Drugs, a family owned business operating in the River Region for more than 50 years, how is your faith in Christ revealed to your customers and staff?


Mike:  I learned from my father when I was young to treat my customers with compassion.  He always had a heart for those who were struggling and tried to help them out.  Today, at Adams Drugs, we try to go the extra mile for our customers.  They deserve our respect and appreciation, and we try to show that every day.  We talk to our employees about how they can be the bright spot in a customer’s day.  We strive to live out the Golden Rule--to treat others as we want to be treated. 

I have always tried to treat my employees fairly and with compassion.  They are the face of the business, and I look at each of them as family.  We have grown over the years, but I hope we never lose those values that made us who we are today.



RRJ:  You mentioned how many of your customers are hurting physically and your desire to serve them, but you also seem to have a heart for helping those suffering beyond your business in the ways you volunteer your time. Where are you currently volunteering and why is it important to you?


Mike:  I try to follow the example of Jesus in Mark 10:45 where it says he came not to be served but to serve.  I am currently serving on the board of Hope Inspired Ministries, MACOA (Montgomery Area Council on Aging), and the Baptist Healthcare Foundation.  I have worked closely through the years with AGAPE (a foster care, adoption, and unplanned pregnancy non-profit organization) and Compassion 21 (an inner-city ministry).  I have been on mission trips outside of this country and sponsor many mission trips for others.  I feel like I have been blessed and wish to bless others by working with various worthy organizations in our community.  Those organizations include hospice groups, senior citizen groups, sports and school organizations, community projects and numerous other projects that come across my desk. 



RRJ:  There’s no such thing as a lone-ranger Christian.  How are others pouring God’s truth and love into your life?


Mike:  Of course, my wife is a constant source of encouragement to me.  As my children have grown up, I am very blessed and encouraged by them. I have a loving and encouraging church family--too many people to name.  I am part of two small accountability groups--one at church and one in the community.  Both of these groups care for me, encourage me, and lift me up when I’m down. They are there for me during the good and the bad.  I am a very observant person, and I see God working in so many lives around me that encourage and inspire me.  Many of those people happen to be employees and some are customers. 



RRJ:  Finally, what makes it possible for you to be so open with your faith in Christ out in the public square?


Mike:  I don’t know that I openly talk about my Christianity as much as I just try to live it in a quiet, unassuming way.  It has given me something far bigger than myself to look up to and lean on.  I am far from perfect, and am a work in progress everyday.  I am proud of my Christianity but not boastful. 

I see an analogy of the Bible with prescriptions that the drug store fills everyday.  Am I going to follow the directions and do what the Great Physician instructs me to do in the Bible or am I just going to take the parts I want?  It’s something to think about.



Mike is married to his wife Lee Vinson and they have two children.  Mike’s father opened Adams Drugs in 1962 and Mike began working with his dad at the age of eight.  Mike and Lee have attended Vaughn Park Church of Christ for 25 years.




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