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Newlyweds Ali and Will King

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Sharing Advice for Before and After Your Wedding Day







RRJ:  When were you two married? What are your fondest memories of your wedding and the days leading up to it?


Ali: We were married on November 19, 2016. Our fondest memories of the wedding, and especially the days leading up to the wedding, were when we could take a step back and realize the commitment we were about to make together. It was easy to get caught up in all the details and craziness that weddings bring, but we tried our best to make sure we set aside time to enjoy quality time together.



RRJ:  Many couples spend the majority of their engagement months planning for the “wedding” with little planning for the actual “marriage”. How did the two of you prepare for marriage so that it could start off on the right foot and grow even richer with time?


Ali:  We both have similar outlooks on marriage. We both agree that marriage is a lifetime commitment. We have always made sure that we are communicating with the other. We discussed each other’s fears and goals in marriage. The both of us would rather discuss something even if it’s tough at first because we both value our relationship that much. The last thing we wanted after the wedding was a “well, now what?” kind of feeling. It’s crazy that sometimes couples (us included) forget that after the wedding day you are working on a marriage. We spent so much time talking about flowers, suits, invitations, guest lists, and so on, that it was easy to forget the bigger picture. But we tried our best to have conversations and study God’s word on how to build our marriage.



RRJ: As you seek to honor Christ above all else, how would you say that focus helps you have a thriving marriage and a right attitude toward your new spouse?


Ali:  When you know without a doubt that the person you are married to holds the same beliefs and goals as you, it is a lot easier to work through both the good and the bad. At our very core we know that we are to be examples of Christ and represent the love He shows to not only the church, but to the world by dying on the cross as a sacrifice for us. In the shadow of this great example and gift, it helps us put into perspective the unconditional love and understanding a husband should show towards his wife and vice versa. We take our commitment to marriage seriously because we both want the love of Christ to be seen in us as a couple. Having the Lord as our foundation helps us tremendously in every aspect of our marriage. We both promised in our vows to help each other get to heaven. This means each and every day we choose to show and remind the other about the love of Christ. The Lord has blessed us beyond measure, and the best we can do is glorify Him in our marriage and in our everyday life.  



RRJ:  What advice would you give engaged or newly married couples to help them prepare for marriage and to help them grow in oneness after their big day?


Ali:  Our biggest take away from being engaged, now newly married, is that it is really easy to get lost in the routines and plans. Before you are married, all you can think about are plans for one day. Once that day has passed, you then go back to old routines and everyday life, and it is easy to forget that getting married is not the goal but only the beginning. We tried our very best to unplug from “wedding talk” because we knew that in the end we were going to be married, and it didn’t really matter whether we used saucers at the reception or not. The best advice we could give is to enjoy this season of life, pray for one another, and have fun. Because getting to spend every day with your best friend is priceless.



William and Ali King live in Montgomery. Ali is a Science Lab teacher at Saint James School and Will is a Front End Web Developer and Design Mentor for a tech education company based out of New York. The couple attends Perry Hill Road Church of Christ.


Photos by Rob & Wynter Photography



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