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Top Trends for Your 2017 Wedding

Written by  Mary Sanders
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Weddings in 2017 are going back to a more classic, elegant overall feel. In the last few years we have seen a strong presence of rustic inspiration influencing brides and weddings alike. Moving into the New Year, you will really see weddings move away from that rustic look and embrace a more opulent, refined style. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular trends you are going to see in 2017.



1. Making a Grand Entrance

When a bride and groom make that grand entrance into the reception, you normally see them announced out on to the dance floor. Well this year, expect to see them enter with a bang! You will see elaborate florals, draping and lighting adorning entry ways. Other inspiration for elaborate entrances include rose petal, confetti or balloon drops, and flash mob dances with the entire wedding party. You may even see sparklers as the bride and groom enter a reception, instead of when they leave.      


2. Color is Making a Comeback

One of the first things a bride thinks about is a color scheme for the big day. Many times a bride will choose an all white, neutral palette, but this year color is really going to grace the weddings. You may see neutral tones as a base, with pops of bright colors for statement pieces.  Our favorite trend in colors is the dreamy palettes of greys and gold mixed in with metallic and glass textures.


3. Metallics

All shades of metallic will be prevalent in 2017 weddings.  Look to see copper, rose gold, and pewter as a base for design in weddings. They serve as a great neutral and pair so well with statement colors. Metallics really set the stage for a formal, opulent look as well, making them the perfect choice for brides this year. The key in using metallics is to use them sparingly.


4. The Signature Drink

We have all seen signature drinks and cocktails for years, and they will still be making a statement in 2017. You have previously seen all types of colored signature drinks, his and her favorites. In 2017 drinks will see a shift from very sweet and colorful options to more old-time classics, including the Moscow Mule and a Mint Julep.


5. Drones 

Talk about taking photography to a whole new level! Welcome drones! You may have noticed in the last year photographers and videographers introducing drones into their repertoire. In the next year, you will really see drones taking a huge part in photography and video footage for weddings. The amazing perspectives you get from the aerial vantage point are hard to top! You may even see guests bring them along.


6. On Pointe Lounge Areas

When designing a wedding look, furniture lounges are icing on the cake. In the past, furniture at weddings has helped to kick off a cocktail period, but this year look to see them more throughout an entire reception. Many wedding designers will use furniture to set up cozy seating vignettes all over. You will even see custom pillows and lighting as accents to these lounge areas.


7. The Bride’s Cake

I have always said the wedding cake is an extension of the bride. It has to be beautiful and make a statement, like the bride and her dress. As weddings this year go back to classic and opulent like days of old, so tall, elaborate wedding cakes will now be in vogue. The taller the better for cakes this year!


8. First Looks

We always ask brides, “Are you going to have a first look?” Well it is certainly going to continue to be a push in wedding photography this year! More and more we see brides and photographers moving away from the traditional thought of waiting until the bride walks down the aisle for the first look. When you have a first look before the wedding, the bride and groom really get the chance to have a moment together, calm the nerves and get amazing up close photos of the special moment.


9. Wedding Dresses

When it comes to the world of bridal fashion, off-the-shoulder wedding dresses will continue to set the tone, as well as deep plunging v-necks. And 2017 will bring many other style elements to wedding gowns, including all types of ruffles, feathers, and tiered skirts.


10. Pantone Color of the Year- Greenery

All shades of green! Pantone describes the color of the year as “greenery.” Look to see this show up in all aspects of weddings! Greenery garland, table linens, bouquets and bridesmaids dresses.


Mary Sanders is owner of Mary Me Brides. She has been in business for 11 years and has served many brides across the River Region. Mary is wife to Adam of 13 years and mom to her three children: Ross (11), Mary Townsend (10), and Drew (6).




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