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"Did we do the right thing?"

Q. Our son is a senior in college. We all signed a contract before he left for school a few years ago stating that we would pay for school and provide him a car to drive as long as he maintained good grades and behaved in a respectful and mature manner. Over the last couple of years, his grades have dropped and he’s been acting more and more disrespectful. We learned recently that he even told a family friend that he hated us. My husband went to confront him about his behavior and this statement, and our son admitted he said it and was unrepentant. My husband immediately took the car and cut off his cell phone, like we had agreed. But now, I just feel sick with worry. Did we do the right thing?

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The Body of Christ in Our Hurting World

Christmas is upon us.  We busily decorate and shop and cook.  We know we are called by Christ to serve those in need, so we schedule time to stuff Samaritan’s Purse boxes, buy toys for Angel Tree children, and give to the Food Bank.  As we work with our church family and friends to help others, do we recognize that need comes in many forms?  As we pass each other in the halls of church every Sunday morning saying… “Merry Christmas…how are you?”... do we recognize that many of us are hiding our pain as we answer… “I’m fine, Merry Christmas!”

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Flatline Movement

Changing the Lives of Teens...Empowering Them to Be the Change Our City Needs

Romans 6:11 “In the same way, count yourselves dead to sin but alive to God in Christ Jesus.”

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The Knock at the Door

In June of 1969 four coeds at Ohio State decided to pool their resources and sublease a duplex. The girls, unaccustomed to real estate transactions, gave one of the tenants moving out the money to cover the first month’s rent, without getting a receipt.

Rosa, speaking with her best friend, laments: “Sometime in early December I begin to feel it – seasonal insanity! Too much expense. Too many parties. Too much food. Too commercial. Too exhausting. This month I feel little joy but large stress. Is this really what the Christmas holidays are all about?” she asks.

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Esteeming Yourself: Seeing What God Sees

“I will praise You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Marvelous are your works, And that my soul knows very well.”
                           Psalm 139:14

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Tommy McKinnon, Baptist Health

RRJ:   You had parents who taught you about Christ and you were active in church, but your faith drastically changed in your 30’s. Can you tell us what happened?


Tommy:   During my 20’s, I had simply turned the volume down on God. Sadly, I was totally focused on me, my career and my personal goals. As a result, my relationship with my wife, Sandy, began to suffer. But I began to hear from God at 30 and that still, small voice told me I needed to change.

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The Great Christ Comet by Colin Nicholl

What do we do about that pesky star? Inseparable from the narrative of Jesus’ birth is the “star of wonder, star of night / Star with royal beauty bright” that we sing about in our Christmas carols (and, of course, read about in the book of Matthew). What was that star? Where did it come from? If it was so unusual and magnificent that it could lead wise men from the East all the way to Bethlehem, why don’t we read about it in other sources? That star is the subject of Colin Nicholl’s new book The Great Christ Comet. And, as you may surmise from the title, he does not believe it was a star at all.

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How to Have the Perfect Christmas

Every year, millions of dollars and countless hours are spent trying to obtain the perfect Christmas. Even so, after all of the presents are unwrapped and the tree is taken down, we are left with the emptiness of unpaid credit cards and bare bank accounts.  And we wonder why Christmas wasn’t all we hoped it would be.

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