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What Jesus Wants for Christmas…You!

Written by Mike and Lisa Conn


It’s time to prepare for Christmas--and I don’t mean the decorating and gift purchasing, or the wrappings and trappings that threaten to devour the real meaning of Christmas.  No, when I say prepare, I mean prepare our hearts, souls, and minds for Christmas and help our children do the same. 

Friday, 07 December 2012 01:17


Written by Bob Crittendon

There has been this frequent struggle that ensues this time of the year over the amount of commercialism that we allow into our Christmas celebration.  We say that we desire a simpler holiday celebration and try to keep the focus on our Savior’s birth, but we end up getting caught up in the shopping frenzy and the age-old questions about what we’re going to give the kids for Christmas, what sort of tie we’re going to buy for the dad who has everything, where we’re going to spend Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, the week after Christmas, and so on and so forth.  

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Flipping Houses

Written by Dave Ramsey

Question: My wife and I want to do a live-in/flip real estate purchase. The idea is to buy a fixer-upper and rent out the basement to help with the mortgage payments. What do you think about the idea?



It is a terrifying feeling. The storm is raging. The power is out. Your lights are off and your fear is on. But relief flies in when the lights return. Anxiety takes flight when your lights reignite!


Tuesday, 06 November 2012 01:13

Two Ships Passing in the Night

Written by Mike and Lisa Conn


Do you ever feel like you and your spouse are two ships passing in the night?  For many, our lives are so busy with work, children’s activities, church commitments, sports, and maintaining our home that any time together other than a quick toss of information has become a rarity. Don’t forget Tommy’s ballgame tonight at 7 o’clock.  And I need you to pick up Susan at 5:45 from dance.  You’ll need to call out her spelling words while you drive her to choir practice.  And if you hurry, you’ll have enough time to pick her up a happy meal to eat in the car!


Tuesday, 06 November 2012 00:51

A Little Good News

Written by Bob Crittendon


The news that the church in America is in decline has some statistical support – you’ve probably heard that church attendance is decreasing, churches are closing, and fewer people profess a belief in God.  But, writing off the church – the entity, as described in Scripture – is premature. Here’s why:


Book Reviews

  • Book to Read

    Kiss the Wave

    by Dave Furman


    None of us makes it through life without suffering. None of us escapes physical pain, emotional distress, or spiritual agony. At some times and in some ways, we all suffer. No wonder, then, that so many authors have turned to the subject. As Christians, we are well-served with books to help us suffer well and books that help us grapple with the deeper theological questions that inevitably arise in the midst of our darkness.


Faith at Work

  • Tiffany Higginbotham: Owner, Body Logic Physical Therapiy

    RRJ:  Tiffany, you grew up in a Christian home, regularly going to church.  How has this foundation grown your faith in God?


    Tiffany:  A foundation was most certainly laid, and my entire extended family were/are all believers. I grew up in a home where faith and church were a high priority and our lives and schedules were centered around the church.  I learned at an early age to value God’s Word and begin to grid my life and decisions through a Biblical lens.

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